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Me and my partner have been together for 3 years. Since the day we met I have doted on him. He has been my everything. I’ve always been sensitive to his feelings and never put pressure on him to give me things or to do anything for me.


Things got really bad around a year ago and we broke up and he moved out of our apartment. It was terrible and we didn’t talk for a while. During every argument we have ever had, he has broken up with me and said I cause him stress. This has been 10 times maybe.

He says he doesn’t want to deal with things and will leave situations. He will put earphones in to block me out and refuse to talk to me. He will do this for days sometimes. He will say horrible things, and then be fine when he chooses to be.

At the start of this year we started seeing each other again. I moved back with parents, and he moved back with parents too. We have got on better than ever for months. Not one argument

He is still very insecure, accuses me of being with other people constantly and will always ask me if he’s ugly etc. I have gotten to the point where I don’t rise to it. I ignore and move on. Although for a while most times I speak he will call me names then say he’s joking. He will interrupt me, he will ask me to be quiet as he’s ‘had a long day’


He has just moved into his own place and his whole persona has changed. I can tell he is stressed and its hurting me to see

We had a disagreement on Tuesday night and he said he doesn’t need my stress too. That He has enough going on. I didn’t respond as I didn’t want to stress him.

​Wednesday he messaged me and asked me to go over. I went and could tell he was in a mood instantly. I said I could go home if he wanted. He tried to sleep with me and I just didn’t feel like it was the right time. ​

He got moody and I said it was a wasted journey coming to his, as it was 11pm when I got there and after I said no to sleeping with him he just turned over and told me to leave.

I did not argue, I got my things and left. He followed me in his car and asked to drop me home. He explained he is stressed, is ‘messed up’ and can’t deal with this situation or his other stresses. I explained that I only want to help. He kept saying he is a bad person and how I deserve better.


I have expressed my worries told him I’d go and cook for him, to clean for him… anything to make his life easier​.I told him I am not the enemy, that I am only trying to help look after him and do things to help his stress levels and he told me I am the enemy, that I am false and lying about wanting to help him. How I can leave him alone if I want to help him. Also that he has a headache because of me and that he hopes I am happy causing him stress

Anyways, days have gone past. He is still talking to me badly. Ignoring me. Saying he never wants to see me again or speak to me.

3 days ago I felt weird and had a gut feeling. I messaged some of the girls He follows on Instagram. All 3 of the ones I have messaged said he has replied to their stories with love heart eyed emojis, asked why they don’t respond to him… None of the girls responded to him.

I confronted him and he blocked me on WhatsApp and told me to have a nice life. Then told me I’m crazy via phone call… Told me he is allowed to change his mind. He can’t see why I’m upset. He lied and said it was only one girl he messaged.

Since the Convo, 2 more girls responded with proof he has tried to message them. One whilst I was with him 2 weeks ago in bed. I sent him proof via my sister’s phone. He unblocked me and said I have taken it too far. I asked why he’s done this and he said ‘because I am a terrible person’. He often says this, and will say it sarcastically, or sometimes he would mean it. I replied with more evidence and he ignored.

I am so confused. I got really upset. Messaged maybe 20 times which I’m ashamed about. All to be ignored- I explained I needed closure. He called, said he was bored as I ‘wouldn’t get on top’.. and he felt I didn’t want to have sex anymore. Which is rubbish. He was really nasty, shouted, told me he doesn’t care about what I have to say. That I took it too far messaging the girls.. and that he ‘never ever ever ever’ wants to speak to me again.

I’ve tried messaging since and he is point blank ignoring me. Saying absolutely nothing. Reading my texts and ignoring me. I feel rubbish and feel like what about when he meets someone better. What about if they give him more to please him. I’m devastated and don’t know what to do

The thought of him with another girl kills me

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