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Guy Claims He Got Black Mail From His “GF” After having S*X with her sister

captureWhen we walk together, people will think that we are a sweet couple. No. How wrong were they.


Behind this relationship lies a sinister plot.Here goes. This so called “girlfriend” of mine was caught me having sax with her sister.(A 1 night stand).Back then, she wasnt my “gf” yet.

Knowing that I hail from a rich family, she decided to blackmail me, and say that if i dont accept her as my “gf”, she will spill the beans about what I did., and my parents being the traditional type, will probably kill me if they know about my premarital sex.

At a loss, I had no choice but to accept her as my “gf”. From then on, she would abuse her status. I had to swipe my credit cards for all her spendings, pay for her meals at 5star hotels, and give in to her lustful temptations whenever her cravings kick in.

I cant forget that disgusting swollen pimple ridden face, with a body weighing over ????lbs slamming onto my hot lean athletic body in the wee hours of the intense activity. Yucks!


Whenever we walk past a florist and the florist says “Buy one flower for ur gal!” , I would refuse at times and almost 1 sec later, her face will turn so red that it looked like a char siew that came to life, threatening to swallow me up if i didnt oblige.

I had to smile when I am with her friends, to make them as envious as possible. I remembered there was once I frowned and that very night, she gave me a legendary punishment , that is , a combo of spankings on my funky arse! Wow, why did I say that…..

I had to agree to her terms and conditions, and had I violated any of the terms, she would mention it like a lawyer, line by line, chapter, section… and yes, you can imagine the no. of terms! She would say, ” well that thing you did to my sister eh?”with a smirk.

Argh! So why am I posting this here? It is not because of the blackmail, neither is it about the ONS of her sister. The fact is that as a handsome rich guy, I wouldnt have mind being played by a girl if she had the looks of Lin Zhi Ling, or a sexy body like that of Xiong Dailin! But no! What was playing me is a living char siew, grotesque heap of flesh likethat of pudge!

So playboys, if you wanna have a ONS, make sure if get blackmailed, at least the other party is swee and hot, not an it!

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