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Friday, September 29, 2023


A netizen took to social media to complain about his new neighbour starting to do what seems like hammering from 4am onwards daily.


He had just moved in to a resale flat and he claims that this particular neighbour has been hammering from the wee hours for the longest time and he wants to know if there is anyway to soundproof his home from these unwanted noises.

He added that he had asked other neighbours about this commotion that he faced and they have told him that this commotion has been going on for the previous seven to eight years.

Authorities such as the Housing Development Board (HDB) and even the Police have been notified of the commotion but it seemed to be to no avail as they are unable to trace where the sound has come from.

According to the netizen, that particular household causing the commotions have also ignored whatever advisories that was placed up.


Here is the post by the netizen

“I just move to a resale flat and there is a neighbor who start hammering everyday at 4am, 5am. Any way to soundproof the bedrooms? Thanks

To add on.. i asked other neighbour, they tell me this has has been like that for the past 7, 8 years. Hdb, police.. all call already but no use. As they cannot find who is the one hammering… The hammering person ignore the advisory.”

Comments from netizens

Netizens also started to comment on the plight faced by the guy with some of them sharing their own stories about what they have faced themselves and here are some of the comments made by them:

  • It was a ‘thon’ ‘thon’ ‘thon’ sound that I hear every day n I was just wondering what sound that was n it ended up that my neighbor was throwing darts every day! Practices professionally for competitive reason. Cannot help lor cause our rooms are just next to each other. Then one that ring bells for religious reasons. 3x a day ….
  • Sound proofing material wont work effectively as the sound travels through the beams and pillars. Unless you make a floating enclosure with thick foam or vacuum that disengaged from floor,wall, ceiling, pillars and beam.
  • I stay I Condo n the neighbour above does the knocking daily at different times. However, the MCST could not be around when it happens. After several tries, MCST heard it, tried to advise the neighbour , stopped for a while but came back. This time, we went up ourselves n they insisted that they have the right to do whatever they wish in their house and no one can tell them otherwise. Check with legal,. The best is to advise n nothing can be done towards them..

Some pointed out that the sound could be a result of a ‘water hammer’ and proceeded to elaborate on what it is:

  • Does this hammering happens everyday around the same time and continuously for a few minutes? If so, you may be experiencing the effects of a water hammer.It is quite common in some resale flats to experience this.The reason is caused by the way the pipes are joined, creating pockets of air and the hammering worsens as the pressure builds up when the water tanks on the rooftop is full of water (like 4am-6am) as not many ppl using water at these hours.Not sure if this is exactly what you experienced but I hope it helped somewhat. Cheers!

Image source: Lee Lin Jie/Facebook, Unsplash

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