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A guy shared a story of how his ‘little brother’ in so sensitive to the point that he always ‘finishes’ in less than one minute upon gaining entry into his partner.


It came to a point where there was once he hanged out with a group of female friends who he mostly did the ‘deed’ with before and accidentally eavesdropped on them talking about his skills in the bedroom and he even heard them laughing at how quickly the deed is all over.

This took a big hit on his ego and he decided that he should do something about it.

However, he shared that he did not want to seek professional help for it as he feels very embarrassed about it so he came out with a method to help him keep ‘going’ longer when he is doing the ‘deed’.

He wants to share his story as he feels that this is an efficient way and will be able to help fellow bros out there who suffer from the same issue as him.


He claims that doing this enabled him to be able to last ‘longer’.

Here is the story

‘Hi, I would like to share a story about one of the most embarrassing period that has ever happened to me in my life.

For context, I am a guy in my mid 20s and am considered by my peers as minimally above average looking, friendly and charismatic.

This ‘characteristics’ of me as described by my peers got me a lot of female attention and mind you, they are all pretty decent looking as well.

I bring a fair share of girls back home quite frequently and while people might be envious of me, there is one secret which makes me quite embarrassed.


My ‘little brother’ is quite sensitive and usually by the time it ‘gains entry’, I would feel like finishing and would really finish.

This is something that I could not control and it has brought a lot of disbelief to the girls which followed me back.

Just imagine that they are about to get in the mood and I just leave them hanging there after 1 minute of fun.

I thought that I could hide this fact but there was once where I hung out with a group of girls which most of them I have brought back before and I accidentally heard them discussing about me and how quickly I ‘finish’.

This took a big hit on my ego and I told myself that I should seek help for this but I did not want to seek professional help as I was too embarrassed.

Hence, I thought of a way to improve on my stamina which would not make me embarrassed and will not cost money.

It then came to me that I was not good at math back in my days of studying and every time I think of how to do a sum, I get distracted and will lose my focus because I will take a long time to think of the answer to the mathematical sum.

I decided that maybe I can apply this to my time with the girl in my bedroom in future to see if it will help me to improve my stamina.

Fast forward to a few days later, I went out to party and got a girl to go back with me.

As we went through all the motion, it was time for me to ‘gain entry’ and I found myself already wanting to ‘finish’.


I quickly applied the method which I thought previously and started doing all the mathematical sums in my head.

I continuously did all the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in my head to distract my ‘little brother’ till the point where I got so good with mental sums and I proceeded to root and square root numbers to keep me more distracted.

At last, it was almost half an hour and I decided that I have done well and I ‘finished’.

Sharing this to let all brothers out there who have a similar issue with me to know that it is not the end and to try this out in future.’

Image source: Unsplash

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