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A guy shared a story of how he gave his ‘first time’ experience to another guy because he showed off to his friends that he is very experienced in playing the field.

Here is the story

“So this happened a few years back when the world was normal and I actually gave my ‘first time’ to a ladyboy.

I had gone drinking with a few friends prior to that and I was the ‘leader’ in the group and everyone thought that I was the most experience in playing the field and I know where to find top quality girls for paid fun.

This impression of me was created because I always loved to talk big and lie to them that I had did it countless times before.

On that fateful day, two other male friends and I went to a club and did not manage to hook up with any girls.

I had wanted to go home but the two friends of mine had vowed to get laid that night and so, thinking that I had done it before because I always showed off, they asked me to bring them to my regular hunts for paid fun.

In my mind at that time, I was completely lost as I had never done it before.

As we managed to flag down a taxi, I randomly thought of an address in Geylang and I told the uncle:

“Uncle, Geylang Lorong 16”

When we reached Geylang Lorong 16, I had saw a few streetwalkers sitting on chairs on the street and I thought to myself lucky there are streetwalkers here if not I would have thrown my face.

In fact, one of them was scantily clad to the way where I liked it and I wanted to try her.

We alighted on the street just in front of where the streetwalkers were seated and three of us were already getting excited at that time.

I led both of my friends to a brothel on the street as I sort of knew only those in the house were legal and I did not want them to get into trouble.

I laughed and told the ‘Chicken Head’ that both of my friends were first timers and asked him to recommend them some girls.

I then walked back to where the streetwalkers were and approached the girl that I saw earlier.

We talked the pricing and stuff and I was getting real excited and we went to a hotel nearby.

When we reached the room and undressed, I realised that she was a not a ‘her’ but instead a ‘him and wanted to back out.

However, ‘she’ told smiled at me and told me not to be scared and promised me that it would be more fun than doing a real girl.

I then thought to myself, since I already paid for it and I did not want to back off and lose face in front of my other two friends who would probably be done in another 15 minutes, I should just go ahead with it.

I ended up doing it with the ladyboy and wow in fact, ‘her’ skills were pretty good and I had quite an enjoyable time.

Thinking back, it was quite an experience but I will never do it with a ladyboy again.”

Image source: Google Maps

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