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A story was seen online regarding a guy having feelings for his coworker but does not have any opportunities to get close to her and confess to her.


They have had a few interactions in the past during lunch breaks when the girl first joined the company but it seems like the girl has found her own group of colleagues who prefers to eat a late lunch and thus their interactions minimised.

It got to a point where the guy felt hurt from all the overthinking that he has done inside him, and he is now seeking advice on how to confess to the girl as he says that he is not good at things related to the matters of the heart.

Here is the story (quoted)

“Hi, I think I have fallen for this girl in my office. I don’t get to interact with her much because she sits far away and she has her own group of colleagues with whom she goes to lunch with.

Initially, she joined us but I think she preferred late lunch and somehow all them like late lunch. I have been longer in the company so I am stuck with the older colleagues. It is going to be awkward if I asked to join the junior group, and painfully obvious.


Even if we get the chance to talk, it is about work. I get the sense that she is not interested in me because she doesn’t laugh at my jokes. There are times when she could immediately approach me for help for her project but instead, she would take her time to ask me for help.

There is literally not much chance of me actually even getting to spend time with her.

I know this sounds weird but I have never felt so much hurt in my entire life. Once, it even felt like a panic attack. From just a few interactions with her, I know she is an amazing and really good hearted person.

Unfortunately, I don’t think she thinks much of me. Every time I see her, it hurts me. I prefer not to see her at all because the more I see her, the more hurt I feel.

I felt so much hurt when she looked so bored talking to me. I felt completely and utterly hopeless. I felt like a loser.


The standard advice I keep getting is to focus on myself. Yeah, I already have hobbies like guitar and gyming. I am happy with my family. I have good friends. My career is decent. I don’t know what else to do anymore.

I have a girl I like in front of me and how are hobbies or anything else helping me?

Sorry, I am just a little frustrated. I don’t really know what is the common practice, especially in workplace. I don’t even know how to do this. I truly believe my feelings for her are real. I am not getting any chance. I am just suffering within.

I plan to walk up to her and confess my feelings to her. If she rejects me, which she probably will, I am ready to quit the job to prevent any awkwardness or discomfort.

It is too painful for me to keep my feelings to myself. I have clearly decided on this.

If you have any advice on anything I could try, before confessing to her, please share with me. I am not really good at these things.”

Image source: unsplash.com

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