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A netizen on Facebook shared how they had rented out their motorcycle to a guy to become a “subrider” under his insurance, and came up with stories about how his “payment was withheld” when the payment was due.


The guy then said that there were problems with the bike but couldn’t afford get it towed, instead asking the owner to help him tow it.

Here is what the netizen said

This post is meant as an awareness post and also I am trying to claim my money back.

I rented out my spare Black Pulsar 200 NS to a boy named MF (name abbreviated). Claims to stay bedok north by residential address but claims he’s renting an apartment in Joo Chiat area.

Sale price is $440 because COE left 2 months. Bike has been under my care. Husband and I rode the bike with no issues ever.


MF said he needed the bike because he bought another bike from the friend and the engine leaked after 2 days and needed to be scrapped.

He wanted my pulsar but said he wants to pay weekly for 4 weeks which entails to $110 every week. He passed his license this year in January. So still P-plate.

My husband went down to get him to sign an agreement and we mentioned to him to send the bike for maintenance first before riding long distance.

He said okay okay signed the agreement and he took the bike. He was riding under my insurance as a subrider.

1st week of payment he already created stories on how his payment was with held etc. In the end, paid me $100 instead of the agreed $110. Mentioned the $10 to be paid next week. I closed one eye.


On 11th of April, he messaged my husband, saying the bike broke down around Lentor. He called me but I was working as well and I asked him what happened since my husband was busy at work as well.

He mentioned the bike can be switched on but cannot be started. I asked if he did the maintenance required eg change of engine oil, filter, petrol etc.

He said since he took over the bike not yet and he was only going on that particular day. He said he was stressed and I told him to tow to workshop and get it checked as I’m not able to come down and rectify for him.

Kept saying he no cash to get it towed and wanted us to tow for him. I told him no as per agreement it’s his responsibility.

The next day, he mentioned he towed the bike to bike shop, Minimat Motor at Soon Lee. My husband immediately messaged Minimat and enquired.

We found out that the piston jammed and there was no compression. This was only exteriorly as they have not opened up the engine.

They mentioned that to fix it is hefty and there are chances that the engine is in really bad condition. The guys at Minimat Motors were nice to us.

They mentioned that MF brought over another pulsar, yellow, which engine leaked and MF told the bike shop to sell parts away as he was not able to pay for the fixture.

Minimat Motors still have the yellow pulsar which MF bought over from his friend still at the shop.

In the end, my husband and I came to a consensus to scrap the bike since it only has 1 month left. Its also easier on the bike shop to not have the need to open the engine for us.


We scrapped the bike without MF knowledge and are now chasing the balance of our money. Bike was scrapped and borned by us. He currently mentions that he’s still waiting for pay.

If you come across this guy, please ask him to pay my balance. It’s good enough I haven’t claim damage to the bike.

Do not ever sell or rent your bike to such person. He doesn’t know how to handle and take care of a bike. He will make up some sob story. If anyone knows who he is, can contact me or my husband.

To MF, pay up my balance. I’ve been very nice to you. My husband has been nice to you. Ni bulan Ramadhan. Do not test me.

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