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Monday, September 25, 2023


i need advice from being scammed by a private piano teacher.


long story short, in his “terms n conditions” it is needed to notify him 1 month in advance if i dont want to continue piano lesson(but lessons still continue until the end of the month), which i did pay and i told him on the first week of the month that i disliked the way of his teaching and wanted to quit by the end of the month

After paying for the lesson for the whole month(4 lessons) .i he blocked my phone number. and have no way of contacting him.

however, i do have his address and wish to get a refund(worth 3 lessons- abt $180)

should i report this to the police, if so how to do it in the best possible manner or try to confront him in hopes to get my refund back?


Netizens’ comments

  • Let the police confront him. Don’t go find him yourself.
  • If you know where he stays, you could slip a note under his door/letterbox asking for a refund of the balance otherwise you’d go to the police.
  • Did you pay in cash? Or bank transfer? Any receipt? Or record in conversations? These will help if it comes to a “he says she says” situation.
    • (OP) yes i have the bank transfer reciept, i also have the msgs he sent( but nt sure if its useful, since he didnt reply and blocked me)
  • Write a note firstly politely thanking him for his role as a teacher, even if you don’t like him he did after all teach you, so for the sake of formality thank him, and politely affirm the reasons why you wish to quit. And inform him he has obligations as a service provider to complete his duties after receiving payment. Since he has blocked you, you don’t think it’s a good idea to continue lessons. Therefore you would like a refund of (amount) within 30 days. If he has any issues with anything, he should reach out to you regarding this. Since currently you have no proper way of contacting him, if you don’t get your refund or a response by then, you’ll pass the matter on to the authorities.
    Slide the note under his door, and in his letterbox. Take an unedited close up footage of the note and you/someone doing this. If you have his email or social media, message him through these channels too. Use a different number to message him.
    If he gets back saying he will complete the remaining lessons, let him know that while you preferred to complete all lessons previously, after this whole blocking incident you’re not convinced that the remaining lessons will be productive, and you’ll only continue if he can guarantee that he’ll teach properly. If he can’t, issue said refund.
    After 30 days, if there’s no respond from him, report. When you make your report, tell the officer that you have given him 30 days to respond, given him the opportunity to reach out to you, and you have tried your best to reach out to him via (methods you use), show evidences that you have tried contacting him. You’ll have a strong case.
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