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A netizen shared how he and his friends pooled together a sum of about $10k after their friend asked them for an urgent loan, citing business and cashflow problems.


However, he took the “urgent loan” of about $10k to go gambling in Genting and lost it all, and has cut off contact with all of them.

Here is what he said

“A friend of ours, let’s call him Aloysius, approached us asking for an urgent loan, saying that he had a bunch of people chasing after him for money owed.

He said that his business was having cash flow problems and he had no other choice but to come to us for an urgent loan.

We’ve known him for more than 20 years, so the base thought was that we could trust him, since all of us go way back from secondary school.


So a group of about 4 of us, pooled together money for his “urgent loan”, amounting to about $9,860, and we gave it to him.

We told him that we wouldn’t charge him any interest, just return it to us in 6 months, which sounds reasonable right?

So a few weeks later, I’m scrolling on Instagram and I see Aloysius’s Instagram Story showing him at Genting casino with another friend of ours.

That friend of ours didn’t know that Aloysius took an “urgent loan” from us, I messaged him and asked what were they doing at the casino? I thought Aloysius had cashflow problems?

He said that he doesn’t know anything about the urgent loan that Aloysius took from us, or that Aloysius was even running a business in the first place. He said that Aloysius was working as a delivery driver, and added “what business you talking about?”


I start to feel hot liao, want to whack people already. So I asked what were they doing at the casino, that friend told me “don’t talk about it already ah, I lost about $3k, and Aloy even more jialat, lost $12k in total.”

I really cannot tahan anymore, really want to hoot someone in the face. All of my friends (the ones who pooled money together for Aloysius’ “urgent loan”), started sending him messages and spam calling him.

All the messages got no replies and all our calls were unanswered, he eventually blocked our phone numbers and deactivated his social media.

At the point we knew that he had lied to us about his stupid “urgent loan” and slowly came to the realization that our money isn’t coming back anymore.

We read about these kinds of “loan” stories on your page all the time, and really I didn’t expect to actually become one of them.

Say real one, next time be VERY VERY careful of who you lend your money to, even if it’s a “friend” whom you’ve known a long time.

Aloysius, watch out for karma, god is watching.”

Editor’s note: He just open mouth and ask for “urgent loan” then you so steady give ah? Eh liddat I need “super urgent loan”, my girlfriend’s pet orang utan is sick and need dialysis, can give me $100k?

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