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A netizen took to social media to express his disappointment about the service that he had received from a clinic in Bedok.


According to him, he had went today (29 Jan) to a clinic in Bedok known as CityGP Family Clinic at 1:36pm and was told that there were 4 patients in queue in front of him and the clinic will call them once it is their turn next.

So they agreed to wait and started walking around the neighbourhood.

They did not get a call at 3pm and so they called the clinic which told them that it is their turn next and they can wait outside now.

However when it was their turn, they claimed that the doctor skipped their turn to do a quick pre-departure test for a lady and after her still let patients later than them go in to see the doctor first.


It was only until when there were no more patients left at 3:50pm did the staff at the clinic apologise to them and come out with all sorts of excuses like they are understaffed and some patients were ‘appointment based’.

According to the netizen, the doctor also could not justify why it took more than 2 hours to see four patients.

Here is the netizen’s post

“Unfortunately i cant leave a zero star review, if can i would put it as zero. Beware guys… Today is Saturday and its quite hard to find a GP that is open in the afternoon. Happen to google up and saw this clinic is open so we headed down.

On 29/01/22 at 1.36pm we visited CityGP Family Clinic (Blk 122 Bedok North st 2). They told us there were 4 patients ahead of us. They claimed they’d call us when our turn was next. So we didn’t mind waiting and walked around the neighbourhood.

At about 3pm, no call was made and we decided to check on our queue status. The staff said our turn was next and told us to wait inside the clinic. One patient out, so our turn was next, right? We thought so but no, the doctor, Dr Kwok Chun Lin, came out of the consultation room and called for the lady who would be doing a pre departure test. I approached the staff to clarify that it was supposed to be our turn and she said the test was a quick one. Fine. As soon as she came out, Dr Kwok called the next patient who registered after us upon arrival.


By then, it was already 3.50pm and no more patients, just us! Only after we asked why they skipped us and brought the later patients in, he then apologised and offered to take us in immediately which we turned him down. He could not even explained why it took 2 hours to consult 4 patients which was being told by the front staff earlier on.

The lame justifications he made were ‘not enough doctor’ and they had ‘appointment based’ patients.

My point of view, if you are not able to manage new cases (walk in) due to the shortage of manpower, you shouldn’t be taking in more registrations and give empty promises making patients wait for 2hrs. This is just a GP, not a polyclinic. Even polyclinics have improve on their service.”

Image source: Zulkifli Darius/Facebook

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