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Thursday, August 18, 2022


I left work, had dinner and headed straight for Orchard Towers, i usually frequent the massage shops there but after speaking with the massage lady i frequent, i decided i wanted to pick someone up outside instead, So i did just that, Positioned myself at the smoking area outside the towers and lit a cigarette up while scouting for the ‘one’.


So everything went as you would expect, some ladies were enticing men, some just hanging around scouting for their targets as well and some already pitching their sales to men, Overall just very wholesome stuff. It was until this old man(?) that came from behind me , Decided he would ruin my day, he walked towards the ladies and i noticed him pointing in my direction repeatedly while talking to one of the ladies which seem like the leader of the pack, i assume the ladies were either thai/viet, at this point i was between the vending machines and the smoking area with my phone out scrolling though my usual social media feeds, I paid no attention to it because maybe he was pointing to someone behind me who was just too shy to speak to the ladies.

So with that assumption i thought the lady was going to approach someone behind me, but instead she stopped and stood by the vending machine. At this point i felt pretty akward, thought to myself why is this lady standing here ? At first i thought maybe the old man was ‘the boss’ and assigned her the spot so i paid no attention to it. A few minutes pass i realised the lady was consistently exchanging glances with me maybe its a sign for me to approach, i thought but she was not my type so i just ignored that idea, i walked around for abit and eventually the lady left the spot, i assumed maybe her ‘boss’ already left the area and she reunited with her friends. Meanwhile i was texting my bros for some r18 chat exchanging karma sutra and what not, at this point i was at the smoking area leaning against the shelter , and 2 ladies(one of em i exchanged greetings while on my way to the smoking area) from the pack walked towards me, thought to myself maybe they want to pitch their sales but this was not the case.

The lady which i exchanged greetings with smiled at me and walked off while this other lady looked at me and spoke ‘you take picture ?’ and gave me the death stare as if ive done something to piss em off. I replied ‘Nope no pictures’, unlocked my phone and scrolled though my gallery for her to view, she left very unsatisfied. So at this point i was super confused on what had just happened, was i just reprimanded for just standing and smoking while minding my own business ?

So i decided to approach the lady who i exchanged greetings with earlier, asked her how much and after pondering decided my money is better spent else where. So i left the area and just as i was about to leave my eyes locked with the leader of the pack and she also gave me the death stare and muttered something in her native language, at this point i was annoyed and went on a tangent to as what the fuck happened ?


My current assumption after piecing together the events that happened, was that the old man told the ladies some bogus story that i was taking pictures of them doing their trade. I assume it was a random old man because if he was probably the ‘boss’ i would have been reprimanded on the spot because why give someone time to delete the pictures(?). I assumed the reason why the leader of the pack decided to stand near me was probably to snoop and see if i was taking pictures of them. So i guess in their minds they saw me as trying to report them to the authorities with photo evidence and this pissed them off.

Something just dosent seem to make sense, i know for a fact that, the smoking area has a police CCTV, so why would i have to take pictures to report ? I am not one who likes to destroy someones rice bowl, if they are out here to make a living so be it. It dosent benefit me to report such activities and its honestly a waste of time in my eyes.

If i was guilty of taking pictures of them, dosent it seem odd to them i stood my ground ? I could have just ran off with the ‘picture evidence’.

What do you guys think ? Am i going on a completely off tangent ? Or were the Ladies just overthinking ? Or something completely different ?

Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂


Regards, Chem

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