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I’m not sure where or who to turn to. I’m in my early 30s and I’m dating a really young girl and shes still in uni, early 20s. Im earning around 5k-ish and whenever we go out, I’ll always pay for her. We hardly visit kopitiams and its always like cafes or restaurants. We didnt really have any official title but she got mad when she see that i still have dating apps in my phone and when my previous fwb sent me nudes.


We started off hooking up but slowly we met up more frequently cause i guess we enjoyed each other’s company? It became close to 5 or 6 months now and i have never been so ready and decisive when it comes to a relationship/girl.

Some context, before me she was hooking up and had sugar daddies. When i wanted exclusivity or i thought we were, we had a conversation and she confessed that earlier on she went to meet her ex fwb for a last f**k cause she liked him and thought that he would come back for her; nope. Then shortly later she popped the question to me to ask if i was okay with her having a sugar daddy and it was all for money. I asked her, did i ever say no when you want to go places? Nope. You want i can buy you branded bags and stuff every quarterly. She say she didnt want my money.

Fast forward now, she is still in contact with that sugar daddy who pays her close to my amount. Despite not feeling remorse of what she did to me, she even had the cheek to ask me to allow her to continue and she will love me wholeheartedly when she cheated behind my back with 2 different guys.

She told me, “its just s– what. Plus its protected. I wont love that guy and i will never be tgt with him.”


Im conflicted, i know its easy money, am i not open minded enough? Is it me thats obstructing this relationship here. Throughout the recent convo we had, she didnt mention anything about my feelings, it was guy A, guy B etc what about him, how poor thing he is etc. What about me? Am i not a human at all? Do i not have feelings?

So much when i say okay meet him lesser times and when that guy gave up he wanted to give in to us. She was upset and made it seem like its my fault. “See la, money gone like that”

What am i suppose to do? I am really at wits end. I really love her alot. So much so i told her lets start afresh. I will close two eyes and forget what youve done.

I am the kind of guy that will help her tie her laces whenever it was loose, i am the guy that looked after her when she felt giddy and couldnt walk, i am the guy that will massage for her when she complains neck or back pain, i am the guy that would rather inconvenient myself or sleep lesser hours, just so i could make things convenient for her. I am the guy that is foolishly in love with this girl.

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