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To the wife of my man


I’m the other woman, home wrecker, slxt, or whatever you want to call me. It doesn’t matter.

I’ve being confronted, threatened and even beaten by you and your entourage… but I don’t care. I’ve numbed myself from all the physical and mental laceration, for what I want was more than that.

You think I wanted monetary gains or fame but you will be surprised. I just wanted love. I love him. And I wanted to take who you think should love you more. Cos you don’t deserve him.

I admitted I’m heartless. I initiated it. I’m wrong. But there is no denying that he is equally guilty for giving into temptation and committing adultery.


But what about you? Innocent victim? You shoulder more fault than you think you deserved, dear.


Cos I can give him what you can’t give. I fulfilled the roles you didn’t want to, or never will. I showed him how he can be loved more than you can give.

I played my love language well…. have you?

You think I’m talking only about sxx? HA! That’s why you are wrong! Yes, you are prettier and more voluptuous, but I’m better in bed. I literary let him abuse me. I threw my dignity away and obeyed his every command, simply cos you didn’t want to. You kept your pride as a woman, I let him keep his fantasy.


But the bed is superficial. He wanted to feel loved. Those small little actions of love you took for granted, actions that you didn’t give, or were too proud to do. I give it to him.

I whisper sweet things to his ears. I said words of praise to lift his spirits and boost his confidence. I engaged in his world, his conversations and applaud his opinions, even if they were ridiculous. I give him gifts, even if they are small and insignificant. But in return? He will never let me go. He finds me intelligent. He said he loved my gift. So went is the last time you praised him or gave him something? As a wife you demanded him to treat you like a princess. I treated him like a king…my king.

You nitpicked on his responsibilities as a husband. You criticised his anniversary gift to you. You scolded him for being idle, ridicule him in front of his friends (yes I know) and scolded him for being oblivious on what to do for the family. All this, while he is struggling to make ends meet, to make you happy, while you ask your maid, or worse, your parents, to do the dirty work. All the nasty words coming out “useless, lazy, uncouth, good for nothing” these words he didn’t want to hear. You blame him for having no act of servitude to you. But have you asked youself, what act of servitude has you given him? He is your husband, your partner, your soulmate, not your maid or guard dog.

It is okay. I will fill the gaps for you. I will massage him, care for him, cook specials for him, doing it all with my heart.. for all the harsh treatment he gets from you, I paid him back with my servitude to him.

He needs to be doted, to be validated, to feel he is an important part of something. I gave him my time. I made him happy, spent my everything on him, made him feel validated. I gave him the quality time you couldn’t give cos you to busy with your high life.

You must be furious. You must be infuriate by what I said above. I can imagine the harsh words from you. You probably think he will eventually leave me. Maybe so someday, but not yet…

He is now mine and the love that he gave to me, is more than what I had hoped for. I’m contented not because I have low standards, but cos I know what I want and give all of me for it. You wanted everything and gave nothing.

Despite me wrecking your home and breaking your marriage, I have helped to open up your eyes, to show you the side of your husband that you never knew. I’ve also showed you your own ugly self, your flaws, but I realised you are too proud and egotistic to realise it.

I played my love language well, if you played yours well, all this wouldn’t have happened.

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