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Sunday, October 1, 2023


It was during the beginning of the pandemic and my husband was saying weird things. Things I recognized but not from his mouth! It was a woman we both worked with. So I kept saying you sound like such and such… are you talking to her? No my love, I’m so sorry…it’s just something we say at work. So it happened a few more times and I kept it to myself! I decided to check the phone records…yes I know. I’m a horrible sneaky detective. I am the worst kind of person. So I’ve been told! I am so unforgivable for doing such a thing! How could I?


Ha! Sooooo, I found multiple numbers that I googled and it turned out to be a bunch of escorts. Same girls over and over again. So I researched them all and got their info and I blasted him and freaked out on him. The next day I realized I only checked the text messages and didn’t even check the phone logs! Ughhhh! I wish I never did that but I am glad I did at the same time. Even tho it ruined my life! He was calling this woman we both worked with for a whole year behind my back while still working with her. Sometimes 10 to 12 times a day and not one phone call to me… I just want to say Thank you for not calling her on my birthday!!! We’ve only been married for a year! Wtf!!! So,I brought it to his attention…”They are just friends. Never had sex! She’s married!” Ok, so then who got you all excited in your shorts while you were at work while I was at home? Yes, they were a mess! Another unforgivable thing I did!!! I am the worst person right now…even tho I wasn’t the one cheating and lying!!!

I was sad and so alone! I felt betrayed! I don’t trust him. How could someone lie to someone they love for so long! I wasn’t allowed to see family or go much of anywhere because of the pandemic! I was so insecure. He kept saying you are so jealous! Why are you so insecure? All we do is fight. I just want to be happy….Ummm hello jack***….you just effing lied and cheated for a whole effing year of our marriage. Our first year of marriage!!! Jealous??? Insecure???? Wtf! You made me feel this way!

It’s now a year later…he still works with her but no longer talks to her or keeps in contact with her! Yea right lol!!! You still get to effing work with her. I still get anxiety when I go to pick him up from work and I see her there. It kills me. My stomach hurts. I start to shake and I want to cry! How is he allowed to work with her still? I wonder if they are hanging out afterwork on the nights I don’t pick him up. My thoughts consume me. It’s not fair!

I’m trying to work on myself. I got really sick and I think it’s because of what he put us through. I was so consumed on finding everything out. Everything he lied to me about. I put all of his bullshit lies together and I figured it all out!!! I don’t know everything but what I do know is enough to make me sick to my stomach! Stressed out! Questioning my worth! Questioning how I look! He destroyed me…I thought I was stronger than that!!! Well everything finally destroyed my insides…I am sicker than I ever been. My sister thinks he will be the death of me. I won’t allow that to happen. It’s about me now. Noone else!


He wants us to be together and he loves me but in my head…I am so confused. Will he ever change? How do you have escorts in your phone but never had intercourse? How do you not have feelings for her? How can you hurt someone who has loved you from day one!?!

To the woman who was calling him everyday: I think you are the worst kind of woman and Karma is coming your way! I hope the weight of your lies pile drives you into the ground!

I want a better life… and that means surrounding myself around people who only want the best for me. The two of you have done nothing but bring me down…and I’m done! I hope you both live with regrets!!!

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