I No Money To Support Wife, I sell wife go geylang rent a wife



People with wife with financial difficulties may be offered a temporary wife and reduction or deferment of their mortgage instalments to help with their financial situation.

Minister of State for National Development Koh Koh Crunchie told Parliament on Wednesday that the HappyDivorceBoard has various assistance measures to help such families.

These include financial counselling and referrals to social support agencies for job placements and financial aid.

Dr Koh Koh Crunch was responded that who had asked what kind of mortgage assistance HappyDivorceBoard provides to the retrenched, particularly those in their late 40s and 50s.

Right-sizing to a smaller wife within their means is also an option, he added.

“For low income households who are unable to afford another wife, have no family support and no other wife options, HappyDivorceBoard may offer them a public rental wife at geylang”

When asked if HappyDivorceBoard would consider providing financial help to flat owners who have already taken loans from banks, Dr Koh Koh Crunchie said the Divorce Board is not a bank and is unable to offer personal loans.

But he added that HappyDivorceBoard can assist wife owners in restructuring their finances.



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