Singapore Minister “No Money Sell Your HDB, Go Rent”


Dr-Koh-Poh-Koon-02Singapore Uncensored BTH (bua ta han, cannot take it) liao. What is no money sell your HDB go rent? Congratulations to the people that vote for you know who, This is the kind of people you vote for.

This minister also mention that HDB is not a bank cannot help with personal finance issues. Personal ah? like that the HDB is considered personal also la? i happy i sell the HDB to foreigner? I don’t need wait 5 years to sell la? Since when is the HDB personal? it has always been partly owned by the government, this is a issued shared between the people and the government. HDB is suppose to be a provider for cheap homes,This is too heartless.

What does he mean by they are not a bank? You think we stupid ah? cannot differentiate between a bank and HDB?

A place to stay is a necessity, no wonder Singaporeans have no sense of belonging. How can we trust the government if they can be so heartless? So what if this is a fact that the poor must sell, a politician will only lose support for making this kind of harsh speech.

You might be thinking.. Singapore Uncensored talking cock la. But, put yourself into the situation where you have to sell your home and rent somewhere? You think you know poor? You have internet to read article means you’re not poor. YOU DON’T KNOW POOR…. OR,  Maybe he does not know how it feels to have commoner’s salary. Oh you work govt ah? salary big big, house big big, car big big la. Come on la. Arbo we sell our HDB and go stay with you in your minister condo? You sleep floor i sleep with your wife la? can anot?

If this his solution for the poor? Should he be the minister? This does not sound like a very responsible statement to make. This is a super Bo Chap attitude. Do we even see the attempt to help or plan to help the poor? The best part of his statement is ” HDB MAY offer them a public rental”. MAY??? Then i no place stay how? I go your house sh*t can anot?


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