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Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Hiya ladies! I’m in need of a little help.(this is going to be long read).


I (27f) have been with my bf (27m) for nearly 2 years now and honestly, it started out great. He would travel by MRT to my house and would visit me nearly every day and would bring me drawings he made and homemade French toast with blueberries or my favourite chocolates when he could

Safe to say he charmed me and I fell in love. I moved in with him late last year after my mum kicked me out for my step dad and at first it was OK.

After a couple of months, he changed and became angrier and more argumentative (beforehand we never argued much and even if we did it never progressed into name calling or shouting and it was always over silly stuff).

His mum (who we live with) is a nice but sometimes difficult woman and she suggested his sudden mood change was because he failed his part time degree modules and he is having a hard time.


He was (and still is) resitting lessons and would always come out angry and upset no matter what I tried and he would say everyone cheated and no one deserves their grades but him and he would say the most hurtful things to myself and about others.

I came from a household where I feared my stepfather and his constant mood swings and I learnt to read his mood and adapt. So I naturally applied that to my bf and apparently that worsened his mood and is the reason why he goes on about his problems and is still so hateful.

Apparently for him to get better I need to change first

Now onto the financial problems… we are full-time students, his mother sends money to his bank account because my account was hacked into and had money stolen out of it before so I don’t use it.

(For context, when I arrived to his house I had barely any clothes or belongings so I’m slowly buying back a few things ever so often.) I brought some new clothes from a website and I had them discounted quite heavily as I try to spend less when I can

But he’s saving for a ps5 and we agreed that any money I don’t use he can put towards his new console.


He found out I had used his card to buy a few things and went berserk on me and told me I need to ask before I can spend and use his card (keep in mind I barely buy things) and last week I had to buy new shoes and he keeps lording over me saying things like “we can’t buy food now” or “I would be able to afford a ps5 by now if u didn’t buy a new pair of shoes”.

I only brought these shoe cuz I only owned 1 pair and they only cost $20. But he can buy coffee and snacks everyday :/. I’m not even allowed to buy my little brother a birthday present, he’s turning 13. (My bf also has a weird sort of hatred towards my little brother as well).

I’ve offered and tried to look for a job but he keeps discouraging it saying how I was depressed in my last job (which was true) or how ill get hit on by other guys.

I’m not sure what to do, my mum says I should leave or at least get into student accommodation and I asked my bf about this and he just said “well my mum plans to move us to a different house and that could be anywhere!So I’ll never see u again.” I’m scared and I love him. I don’t want to break up :'( Thanks for reading!

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