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Inconsiderate female driver think she own the car porch


Dear Singapore Uncensored,


Lady driver hogged car porch in rainy evening. I wish to remind the public that car porch is for public usage, especially when she it is raining. Kids and elderly need the shelter to alight.

On 25 Oct 16 9pm, it was raining heavily. At block 51 Lengkok Bahru, families were waiting to disembark families and kids at the car porch. Then one SUV SLG9353T stopped at the car porch. Lady driver left the car and went to the other block. Her vehicle hogged the whole porch. I was waiting after her car and she saw my car waiting behind her. Well, the lady do not seem to care.

I went on to park in one of the lots and carry my 1yo and shelter my 6yo out of my car.. The lady driver return ans continued to sit in her car. Now there were two cars waiting for her to clear porch. One horned at SLG9353T. She continued to look at her phone.

i went to the car and ask her lady drive to allow other to use the porch as it was raining. She replied “so? I am waiting for my friend!”. Then i asked her to leave the porch and drive in when her friend got here. Now the male friend appeared.


I am disturbed by such selfish mindset and behaviour. I hope this post can remind all to be more mindful of others need.

There were many lots some 15m away. The male companion is a grown man and the lady is about 40. They cannot go under the rain and make others do it.

by Zann

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