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Buy Iphone online, when the package came it’s a….


pancake_phone1All things considered, now this is simply getting silly. Just a week after a Chinese lady paid for an Apple iPhone 6s online and got a Pear Phone conveyed rather, a man obtained an iPhone 6s at an absolute bottom rate, and got a flapjack via the post office. Not a flapjack telephone. A real flapjack.

Obviously, the man surnamed Hou was somewhat distrustful when he found an Apple iPhone 6s online with only a 1,500 yuan sticker price, 70% off the ordinary cost. The dealer let him know it was so modest on the grounds that it had been pirated into the nation. Never one to leave behind a deal, Hou made the arrangement.

In any case, when a bundle touched base at his home the following day, he was astounded to discover not a cell phone inside but rather a Chinese hotcake (大饼).

As per Ifeng News, Hou then attempted to contact the dealer to get a discount, however was unsuccessful. On the splendid side, he just wound up losing 1,500 yuan on the trick. The other woman might have a Pear Phone, yet paid 8,400 yuan for it.

No reports on what the man chose to do with his 1,500 yuan flapjack.