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Stress Of A Singaporean Student

o-STRESSEDThe life of a Singaporean is very different from the rest of the world.


The papers,media and news appears that Singapore is a very rich country. Yes it is but in every country there is always poverty and darkness. No one is perfect and no person is. Today we will write an article about a normal singaporean from birth to death.

When a Singaporean is born, he or she will be entitled to some funds for education needs in the future. The amount is not substantial but i would say it’s a good start. Being a baby means endless jabs of needles and endless supplements to better health and immune to many diseases. Singapore’s are considered to be lucky, as not all the countries in the world practice compulsory immune injections. This type of injection does not stop  till teenage years. As some are done in schools the singaporean is studying in or public health clinics. Let begin by writing the Singaporean childhood.

Singaporean Childhood

There are two kinds of kids in Singapore.

Group 1.

Never knew what is fun and childhood. Parents send their kids to endless lessons such as the most common piano classes or art classes. Hoping that this will unlock the child’s brain potential or become a musician in the future. This kids did not even have a chance to go to the playground right below their houses or know what it is like play with the neighbour’s kids. For me i am one of them, i never had a chance to go the playground or get some dirt while playing with friends. This has created a one of a kind “robot kids”. They come straight out and the future and protocols are layout, nothing can be changed or face the fury of the parents.  Children who grow up this way tend to be less creative. But they won’t die in society. This kids will always generate a medium income in the future.


Group 2.

This kids are wild and free. They enjoy the good childhood times of running around in a playground and mixing with different kids from the neighbourhood. Kids that are raised this way grow up to be more creative as their mindsets are not fixed onto a certain path in their life. This kind of kids tend to be smarter but not book smart, as their attention span might be shorter and only focus on his or her self interest. They either be the best in society or they become social rejects. Most parents do not take this path as it is considered more risky than Group 1.

Primary School Life(The first stress of life)

“ice and water? Catching? Hide and seek?”

Many Singaporeans have said primary school life was one of the best and fun times in their life. Primary school kids face a great stress at Primary 6 because of PSLE. 90% of parents will tell their kids. “If you get a bad result and get into normal technical stream in secondary school, your life is over, you have to get into Express class to get ahead of others”. This is totally not true, i have friends that are in all different stream that walk different paths of life. Kids are stress that their parent’s will murder them or beat them so hard that they will forget their first name.  Parents want their children to get into top schools such as Raffles, Hua Zhong, Anderson etc…

During the day of collecting PSLE results, parents or typical “aunties” like to compare results of their son or daughter’s. Example: “my son got an A grade in english, ohh your son only B?” This is EXTREMELY ugly and disgusting for me. Luckily my parents do not behave like this, kids will feel ashamed after the parents discuss in the results of their exams. Another disgusting example that is told to children by parents: “Why is your result so bad compared to xiao ming? you make me lose face. I’m ashamed of you”. This kind of criticism does not stop after PSLE it goes on and on till the person die. Why do i say so i will continue to discuss this in the adult working life section.

Secondary School(2nd Stress of life or give up on life)

I do not want to express my views on the special stream as i do not have exposure of views on them


What is the 2nd stress of life? N levels and O levels.

Express Students

This are the students who the teacher love and gives special care to them. This students finish secondary school and 4 years and start to become people that look down on other streams that are of lower level than them. They only need to take O levels and most parents force them to go to junior college. Many fail when their in JC the competition is too high. Those that succeed will enter university and study whatever they like. or in some cases some students are forced to take doctor or lawyer courses. When they don’t get into the school their parents want or did not achieve a good score they end up committing suicide.


Normal Academic/Technical Students

During my time, i was an normal academic student, i spend time sleeping in class.While i was sleeping, My teachers was telling the whole class “Don’t be like him, he will fail his life and go to ITE. He will never succeed in life.” 90% of the class went to ITE. So she is actually directly insulting the whole class. Well i made into poly and my teacher gave me a sour look that the student she did not like made into poly. I laugh at her when i collect my results, few year later she died. I’m sorry to say: karma?

It is always the same but in different forms down the road. Let talk about work and life of Singapore.

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