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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Judge Blame Victim That Got Rape At Ultra Music Festival

judge-rape-caseOn Sunday, a Miami Transit representative was seen taking a vigorously inebriated lady into an utility wardrobe at the West Station and is associated with assaulting her while inside. The 41-year-old, Carl Lee Wilt, showed up in court yesterday and was requested to be held in prison without bond.


Lamentably, one remark made by Miami-Dade County Judge Nushin Sayfie has us stressed.

“This is the reason we shouldn’t release our children to Ultra — right here,” she said, marginally under her breath.

Pardon me?

miami-og-4We shouldn’t “release our children to Ultra” on the grounds that they may be assaulted!?


I’m not generally one to bring up casualty faulting, but rather I’ve once in a while seen an instance of it so clear and shameless as Judge Sayfie’s remarks yesterday. To say that a celebration or an individual is in charge of the activities of another, particularly an activity, for example, assault, is flippant and out and out impolite in more than a couple of ways.

It is never alright to put the fault on a casualty of assault or whatever other sort of physical or sexual misuse, and the way that Judge Sayfie felt it was agreeable to conflate the demonstration of heading off to a music celebration and being assaulted so effectively is reason for concern.

It is likewise not the blame of the music celebration in any capacity whatsoever, as the young lady was off of celebration property at the time the assault happened. What’s more, whether she was inebriated from the day’s exercises or not, that is still no reason for Wilt’s activities.

The name of the Brazilian lady who was assaulted has still not been discharged.

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