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In a bizarre turn of events on Thursday, September 14th, a seemingly ordinary car accident on a Bangkok expressway unfolded into a shocking incident.


Two drivers, a Thai man, and a Chinese man collided with each other, sparking a series of events that left everyone astounded.

The Initial Collision

The incident began when 33-year-old Mr. Somphong Sisod, a Thai citizen, was driving on Bangkok’s Sirat Expressway.

His day took an unexpected turn when a grey sedan crashed into the back of his vehicle. Little did he know that this minor accident would soon lead to a series of perplexing events.

The driver of the sedan, a 36-year-old Chinese man named Zhao Wulin, wearing a blue shirt, emerged from his car to assess the damage, according to Channel One News.


The language barrier posed a challenge, but thanks to a translation app, they managed to communicate. Zhao offered to cover the repair costs immediately, but Mr. Somphong, acting responsibly, insisted on waiting for insurance representatives.

The Swift Arrest

The situation took a bewildering turn when, out of nowhere, a group of police officers arrived at the scene and promptly arrested Zhao.

This left Mr. Somphong utterly perplexed, as he had no inkling of the deeper, darker story surrounding Zhao’s presence in Thailand.

Little did Mr. Somphong know that Zhao’s presence in Thailand was not for a holiday but rather for a sinister purpose.

Zhao had met a 27-year-old Chinese woman through the messaging app Telegram, who was in Thailand as a tourist. What began as an innocuous online conversation soon took a terrifying turn.


NextShark reported that after just ten days of chatting, the woman agreed to meet Zhao for a date. Following a meal and drinks, she felt disoriented and lost consciousness. When she awoke, she found herself in Zhao’s home, without any clothes on and in distress.

A Harrowing Kidnapping

Zhao’s intentions turned sinister as he decided to kidnap the woman. He bound her wrists and ankles with ropes, demanding a hefty ransom of 200,000 yuan (approximately S$38,000). Fearing for her life, she reached out to a friend who agreed to transfer approximately S$9,360 to her.

Zhao, with his captive in tow, proceeded to withdraw the money. However, it was during this ill-fated escape that he rear-ended Mr. Somphong’s car on the expressway.

The car collision turned into a miraculous opportunity for the kidnapped woman. While Zhao engaged in a conversation with Mr. Somphong, the woman, still bound and with ropes around her wrists and ankles, managed to escape from the car. She hailed a taxi and contacted the police, who swiftly responded to her distress call.

The ropes had left deep imprints on her skin, serving as a grim reminder of the ordeal she had endured.

Zhao’s Arrest

As the police arrived at the scene, they discovered the ropes in the backseat of Zhao’s car, along with more in the trunk. The shocking evidence left no room for doubt about his sinister intentions.

Mr. Somphong, unaware of the dramatic escape, continued to interact with Zhao, oblivious to the unfolding drama. Thai authorities are now investigating whether Zhao has any ties to Chinese criminal organizations and are checking for any outstanding warrants in China.

The investigation into this bewildering incident is still ongoing. Authorities are working tirelessly to unravel the full extent of Zhao’s activities in Thailand and ascertain if he had any accomplices in his sinister plot.

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