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A netizen shared how she played with a ouija board with her sister’s friend one night while their parents weren’t home and everything then started going wrong.


Here is the story:

I was 8 years old with my two sisters. One of my sisters was 9 and the other 13. My eldest sister took care of us while my parents were hanging out with their friends.

My sister had a friend she would spend a lot of time with, her older sister also loved spending time with me.

One night we decided to spend the night at their home while our parents had a good time drinking.

They started to talk about playing a game. My eldest sister was clearly not comfortable about it since she had to watch over my sister and me.


They said it would be harmless and pulled out this board with letters and started to talk and scramble around which I guess was for candles and a notepad. I didn’t feel comfortable about it at all. I knew her older sister was just in the next room.

So, I told myself if I want, I’ll just go in there and bring my other sister along. I remember looking at my eldest sister and I could tell she was not comfortable too.

So eventually they started to play.. They said a chant over and over and something started to move. They started out with simple questions and laughed as they continued.

It started to put me at ease because they weren’t talking to ghosts, they were just talking to each other. But my sister’s friend seemed unsatisfied. Her whole demeanor changed. She started asking how her friends would die and they definitely were not having fun anymore.

My sister yells her name and tells her to stop while my other sister and I are holding onto her. She seemed to snap out of it and looks at confused. She starts to look at the board and her friends are still there and it continues to move.


One of her friends yells you can’t let go until it says goodbye and they put their hands on it again. I started to see something dark just grow and continue to grow on the wall where the candles are shining and I scream.

When I do her sister comes out and turns on the light. All of a sudden I’m crying. My eldest sister tries to explain to her what happened but we all look and her sister and two friends are still on the board.

Apparently, she knew about it before so she turned off the light and told them they need to get it to say goodbye. There was an eerie silence as the candles were flickering.

All it would spell is “demigod” over and over. They became frustrated and asked who is a demigod?!

It spelled my whole name. Only my family knew my whole name and my sisters grabbed me closer than ever.

I froze I couldn’t even tell if I was breathing. My sister told them to stop messing with me.
That’s when they realized it was me. The last thing it said was I will have you.

All I remember is my sister carrying me to my mom. My mom was so upset because I wouldn’t speak for a few days.

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