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LTA officer punch driver

Untitled-74Despite the fact that he lay on the harsh black-top street in thrashing, regardless he felt kicks and punches.


Devastated, Uber auto driver Goh Kok Ling, 59, said: “I’ve never felt so vulnerable.”

It was clear, he said, that he had lost the battle.

To be hit when he was down – that was what harmed the most, said the father of two.

On Friday night, a Facebook upgrade from Mr Goh’s traveler, Miss Amber Pek, became famous online. She nitty gritty a battle between Mr Goh and a Land Transport Authority (LTA) authorization officer and transferred a video.


In the video, Mr Goh is seen to be approaching over the officer in what seems, by all accounts, to be a showdown. Before long, it raises and the officer throws the main uppercut.

The men fight and Mr Goh tumbles to the floor and is then kicked by the officer. The battle is separated by a bystander.

“I think on the off chance that it were not for (the bystander), my head may have been hit and I would be dead,” Mr Goh said the previous evening.

Mr Goh said it happened at 7.30pm at the Bugis Junction taxi stand.

He said the officer had been yelling at him and different drivers in the zone, cautioning them that just taxis were permitted to stop there.


At the point when Mr Goh halted quickly to permit his traveler, Miss Pek, to board his silver Toyota.

As he was turning out, he saw the officer taking photos of his vehicle.

This maddened Mr Goh, who confesses to escaping his auto and flinging vulgarities at the officer.

“So I escaped my auto and let him know he could take my points of interest. I don’t had anything to cover up.”


In spite of cuts in his mouth and in agony after the episode, he dropped Miss Pek off at her destination before making a beeline for a police post to make a report.

There, an emergency vehicle was called and he was taken to healing center.

Miss Pek declined to remark further when reached yesterday.

LTA reacted to the episode on Facebook at around 12.15am yesterday, saying that the officer had been suspended from all obligations.

Later, it said that it would be giving help to Mr Goh, including the expense of his doctor’s visit expenses.


The police have subsequent to captured the 50-year-old LTA officer for affray.

Mr Goh was nursing a swollen cheek and whined of torment in his ribs when TNPS went by him at his three-room level in Ang Mo Kio the previous evening.

He had lost a tooth and some of his other teeth were flimsy.

Uber Singapore said it was “bothered” by the episode.

A representative said: “We welcome the LTA’s quick reaction to suspend the officer and start a formal examination, and trust that suitable move will be made to guarantee equity is conveyed.”

TNPS drew closer the agent administrator of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Transport, Mr Ang Hin Kee, for his perspectives on the occurrence.

Mr Ang, who is likewise the National Taxi Association (NTA) consultant, said: “The implementation officers were simply doing their occupation, and the greater part of times they do act appropriately. Some handle their employment superior to anything others, yet it is not reasonable to say all implementation officers are similar to that.”

Mr Goh said he needs to surrender driving, however his wife of 32 years says that their family is still vigorously reliant on Mr Goh’s driving salary of about $80 a day.

At the point when informed that the LTA officer had been captured, Mr Goh said he is glad to let the matter rest.


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