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Thursday, December 1, 2022


An employer posted on the FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum) on Facebook saying that her maid was found taking her clothes to wear and posting pictures of it on social media.


Here is what she said

Hi I would like to ask fellow employers/foreign helpers what to do and your views if helper is found to take your clothes and wear to take pictures and post online.

It is clothes that are in my personal wardrobe. Thanks in advance.

Netizens’ comments

  • Have a good conversation with her madam.. although you might be feeling angry now but try to speak to her setting aside your emotion so you can both really talk properly.. letting her know you are aware of what she is doing and that you doesn’t want it… She might have a reason in doing so either acceptable or not but just try to listen to her 1st and decided afterwards if you still want to give her a chance or not…
    Not saying anything she might misunderstood that what she was doing was ok.
    I am a helper myself but I cannot just say here and scold her because everyone have a different upbringings maybe in how she grow up trying she doesn’t owned was normal to her that’s why you need to set the rule if that is so. I don’t believe that labeling her as bad or evil because of that mistake is the right thing to do either without even knowing who she really was that is why an open conversation is the best way here madam not confrontation (because confrontation is talking with all the emotions you have and it doesn’t really end the best way and we might become someone that we really are not if we let our emotion rule over us)…
    Hoping all the best for you madam and to your family
  • She know but she want to show off in social media. Meaning she lost her boundaries, this is not right thing to do. Should talk to her and ask why and how she did that to you as her employer.
  • For me it’s a big no. I’m a helper and I won’t do that unless my employer give me that clothes then I wear.
  • Oh no thats too bad.Change helper right away maam.Thats not a good helper she doesnt know her limitations and dont know how to respect.I been in Singapore for 9 years long but never did that to any of my employer.For personal hygiene as well.Unless you give it to me quite new.If some employers are fussy some helpers are fussy too
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