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Saturday, December 9, 2023


I am a uni student. I have been in a few relationships since beginning to date in JC. My last relationship was the most serious and my longest. It is honestly another story within itself, but basically we ended things because it was not a healthy relationship and long-distance wasn’t working for us. I honestly thought she was the one so I was very upset after breaking up, especially because we had broken up before but I knew that this time was official. I haven’t spoken to her since last March, and I’m glad to say I’ve long since gotten over her. I also feel like I gained a lot of maturity in terms of relationships after that.


Around the same time, I met another girl. I’m pretty involved on campus so I ended up joining a school group. She is very good friends with my friends.

To cope with my breakup I started to spend a lot of time with them and got very close to them and another of his friends. After a couple months, I realized I had caught feelings for this girl. Let’s say her name is Anna. I realized I was catching feelings and told me that they think we would be good for each other and that I should make a move. At this point, I was cautious since I was still recently out of a relationship, so I decided to keep getting to know her.

We began to hang out a lot more and eventually went on a dinner “date” even though we didn’t call it that and it was awkward since it was our first time hanging out by ourselves. But we still kept hanging out with our friends after that and agreed to hang out together again, just us two. So now it’s the beginning of last summer and we both go home for break. Thankfully we live pretty close to each other so about two weeks after going home, we hang out again. We get ice cream and talk for hours on a bench. At this point I know I really like her but don’t make a move yet because I’m not ready for a relationship. After hanging out we don’t talk much for the rest of the summer because we had very different plans and she’s not the best texter. I basically lose hope at this point.

Fast forward to august and we are back at school. We get in contact again and basically start hanging out again before school really picks up. We hangout alone several more times and I am still trying to pick up her vibe, but she is hard to read. Eventually, her friends tell me that Anna is not sure what she wants to do even though she does like me too. She had never been in a relationship before so she didn’t know what to expect. At this point, I plan on talking to her about my feelings for her for the first time actually telling her how I feel. She agrees to talk. We never end up talking because she kept pushing it back saying she was too busy with school. We stop talking but we see each other at social events but something feels different now. We stop talking for about a month. She ends up getting to know some of my friends in my organization and I eventually find out one of my younger friends likes her and I guess they start dating (this is now December of this past year). They only date for a bit before breaking things off (I’m not sure if it was bad or not) she stops coming around for a couple weeks.


Now recently she’s been around again and we’ve been texting too. I think I’m realizing I’m still into her. I’m unsure whether to pursue things since she dated my friend (that I’m not very close to) and that’s like bro-code, and also cause I’m not sure if she’s interested in me or not. For all I know, she could just see me as a friend. I know I’m young and there are many girls out there, but I think I still do like her. Any advice?

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