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simei recruiter at bus stop with sick mother?


TLDR: Anyone experienced an old man with elderly mother asking for directions to nearby hospital who then went on to try to get you to join his potential start up company?

I encountered a man who sought help to find the pick up location for the shuttle bus service to the hospital. He was pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair who he said was his mother. I helped him to google to find out where the bus stopped and showed him the way, and while I was walking towards the direction of the bus stop, he made some small talk and asked if I was a student. Unassumingly, I replied that I was a postgrad student.

Suddenly, he brought up the fact that he was intending to set up a start up to solve data issues – and went on to talk abt alot of stuff and said that he wanted to share information with me and asked for my contact.

Skeptical, I said that I was uncomfortable and asked why he would ask a random person on the street to join his company.


He then reasoned that my school had piqued his interest and that he feels like he could learn alot from me. I kept refusing to share my contact and telling him that I wouldnt be able to commit to that. I asked if he had a linkedin account, and then he checked with me multiple times on how to spell ‘linkedin’ – like he didn’t know what it was. He then proceeded to walk back to where his ‘mother’ in a wheelchair was and took his laptop bag which had alot of files in them.

He opened the files and showed me sheets of tables that contained random amounts of expenses on them, and a couple of “financial” reports to assure me that it wasn’t a sham. He also took out multiple envelopes filled with STACKS OF $100 (they were super thick) and he said something along the lines of “see, i’m really doing business” and he proceeded to try to get my contact again.

I told him that I was not going to give him my contact and I told him to pass me his contact and I’ll decide if I want to contact him. He told me his name was Nitin and gave me his HP number. I then said that I had to leave, and he tried to set up a f2f meeting and even said he would bring his mother along so that I would feel safe. I said no thanks and left.

Have any other girls experienced this? Quite worried if there are creeps out there who seem legit.

Additional info:

  • He showed me pictures of a bungalow he claimed he was building for his team mates (these pictures were dated back to sep 2021 – can see from iphone camera)
  • He was using a broken iphone SE with internet connection – why couldnt he have googled information on the shuttle bus location, right?
  • He really didn’t know what linkedin was – at one point he tried to google it and wasn’t even sure which hyperlink to click on to go the website
  • His said mother was sitting on the wheelchair and staring into space (she looked dazed, zoned out) in the middle of a busy bus stop
  • He says he lives in Windy Heights

Netizens’ comments

  • Look. Rule of thumb. If it feels like a trap, it very likely is. The woman could very well be his mother. In which case she could eother be pretending or really sick. Either way, guy’s a POS.
    Just ignore it and move on. These agents are very creative with their methods of getting attention.
  • so i’m curious, the mother legit sick and just sat in the wheelchair all this while? good teamwork sia
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