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A recent Facebook post by netizen Darren Ang, has raised concerns about the computer repair shop located in Sim Lim at Level 4 & 5. The post, made by a disgruntled customer, alleges dishonest practices and a considerable waste of time during a repair attempt on two MacBooks.


What Happened?

The customer arrived at the shop at around 12 pm with two MacBooks in need of battery and LCD screen replacements.

The shop reportedly offered reasonable prices, and the customer was informed that the repairs would be completed by approximately 4 to 5 pm.

Opting to wait to avoid additional travel, the customer returned around 4:30 pm, only to find that no work had commenced on the laptops.

Shop claimed there was additional “issues” & tried to “shoot” other shops

At 5 pm, the customer was asked for passwords, and the shop claimed additional issues beyond the initial battery and LCD screen replacements.


This included a faulty keypad on one laptop and a non-charging battery on the other, despite the use of a new battery. They then quoted an increased repair cost of $460, up from the initial $180.

Declining the additional repairs, the customer took the laptops to another shop at Level 5, Victoria, where the total cost was $170 for both LCD screen and battery replacements.

Upon returning to the first shop to express dissatisfaction, they in turn tried to turn the situation around and claimed that the other shop, Victoria, was allegedly cheating them instead, and added that the man’s laptop had battery and keypad issues.

Went to another shop that was $300 cheaper & trustworthy

The customer, frustrated by the experience, highlighted the entire process took from 12 pm to 8:30 pm and involved an expensive $30.00 parking fee.

In the end, the man decided to hire the services of Victoria instead, and they took only 15 minutes to replace the LCD screen and battery, ensuring everything worked properly.


The post concluded with a recommendation to avoid the first shop and praised Victoria as a trustworthy alternative.

What the netizen said

Guys, pls take note of this particular shop *name redacted* in Sim Lim at Level 4 & 5 as dishonest computer repairer and wasted my whole day spoiling my mood.

I brought 2 of my MacBook which needed to replace battery & LCD screen.

At 12pm, I went few shops to checked & asked for price yet this particular shop *name redacted* offered a reasonable prices to replace it and was told that approx 4 to 5pm to replace therefore, I decided to wait for it as less hassle to travel around.

Out of my expectation, I went back to the shop around 430pm and they said still in progress and I even saw they not even start to work on my laptops, at approx 5pm, they called me for passwords and said that both laptops have other problems other than only to replace battery or LCD screen.

I was shocked that few other shops have already checked and told me that only LCD and Battery that need to replace only yet now this particular shop *name redacted* said 1 of my laptop that needed to replace LCD and additional keypad which is spoiled and another laptop which needs to replace battery but cannot charge even they used new battery and told me that 1 laptop to replace keypad at additional $100 yet another to repair motherboard at $180 which initial cost to replace were only $180 and now increased to $180 + additional $280 = $460!

As such, I told them that I do not want to proceed with all repair and collected to another shop to replace which only cost me at $170 for both work done and I went back to this particular shop *name redacted* and reprimanded them yet they said other shop done just to cheat me as the battery unable to charge at all and keypad cannot work as well therefore I brought both laptop directly to them and tested in front of them and they simply shut their mouth and apologized to me that maybe it’s their technician never check properly.

This idiot boss from *name redacted* and this dishonest incident makes me wasted my whole day from 12pm to 830pm waited for this laptop replacement work and stupidity paid an expensive carpark charges at $30.00 yet other shop only taken 15mins to replaced LCD & Battery only & tested all with good working condition.

For all info, the good honest shop is Victoria at Level 5. but pls do not go to *name redacted*

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