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I’ve been with my husband for 7 years and used to tell people that we have a storybook romance. We care for each other, talked endlessly, great friends and traveled a lot.


For the last several years I supported him while he went through school and finally he landed his dream job and I could relax a bit. I still work a full time job, but I could work less overtime and relax a bit

Flash forward ~1 year and he’s not loving his job at all and he’s already burnt out. He eventually decided to take some time off and soul search about his next career move.

During this time off he decided to take a week away overseas to just clear his mind. When he got home he was acting so strangely and was very distant.

When I confronted him about it the next day he admitted that he fell in love with someone else and when I asked him to stop talking to this person he refused. He wouldn’t stop talking to a person that he had only known for 7 days to preserve his marriage with someone that has loved him unconditionally for 7 YEARS.


I went home to my parents for a week to soul search and while on our laptop I found journal entry’s, intended for his therapist, he had written while on vacation about these affairs he’s been having with the other man without me knowing at all.

He also wrote about how he has never felt passion with me, and how he doesn’t think our love is compatible.

After reading this I called him and told him we need to split. These many betrayals and lies were beyond my capacity to forgive and I could never trust or be vulnerable with him again.

I am still in shock a month later. I had to scramble find a new place to live, move all our stuff alone, take care of the divorce settlement and work a full time job.

I feel broken, used and completely alone. I keep reliving the last 7 years and I can’t see how I could have seen this coming. He told me every day how much he loved me, and how he would do anything for our love.


How do you go from fighting over who will die first so we don’t have to live without the other, and him telling me he wants to have kids- to this?

Better question, how do I ever trust someone again? I’m 30 years old and can’t see myself ever investing in a long relationship like this again after sinking my literal heart and soul into this marriage and being tossed aside like a fool.

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