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Saturday, February 4, 2023


‘Royal family’ in the team.


Very suay kena parachute a royal family in the team. He is some brother or cousin of the big boss, seriously don’t know the real relationship but definitely quite related.

Not sure their closeness but he seems to be able to do whatever he wants, made personal attacks and complains all he wants without having to fear anything. You know a bit like those family drama.

We have 4 persons in the team, excluding him. He seems to be quite clueless about what’s going on but seems to enjoy criticising and turning down proposals because they’re “troublesome to implement” or he simply enjoy his “traditional is good” way of doing things.

We have a senior person in our team who was the leader previously and he is the only one with “the level” to talk to him, as he seems to think the “juniors” (our youngest member also have been with the team for 2 years) are inexperienced and “brats”. (Xiao pi hai)


What he failed to see is that these so called xiao pi hai are handling the clients and work better than he does. Not only did he not know how to read the atmosphere, he also seems to does things in his stubborn and very hierachical way. But then he just wants the authority but not the responsibility that comes with it. When we OT, he always MIA or “dog/pet/llama falls sick”. But when it comes to celebrations, he suddenly very free and offers to help book restaurant or catering. Of course all to his taste only. Imagine booking a Chinese restaurant knowing there are Halal colleagues.

So obviously when there are screw ups, he just appear to vent/rant without giving useful directions or solutions. It’s our ex leader doing all the work and sometimes without his approval (because he will MIA or just be there as an annoyance, honestly he not suitable to be working lah). A few times we have to go to our boss (boss son) for approval because we have no other choices.

I think our boss (at least the younger boss) knows about something that is going on but probably nothing is going to change as of now.

He is lucky, his decisions didn’t really caused too much loss to the company as most of our clients are “old customers” and are still willing to give us chances. The newer ones of course walked away without even thinking.

I don’t know how long he is going to be here but it’s definitely inefficient and we doesn’t feel safe working with him, not knowing when the problem will be thrown to us and we becomes responsible for his bad decisions again. Worst is don’t know when we will be fired because of him. It’s not like we can do anything as he is obviously not receptive.

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