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With the border reopening, it is good news for most of us but for one woman it was her nightmare.


Her husband’s “business” trip turns out to be the start of her nightmare and end of her marriage.

Here is her story:

To all the women out there, be careful if your husband and boyfriend are going to Thailand for whatever reasons. Be it going for a business or leisure, make sure you are going with him or his not going.

My soon to be ex-husband works in an MNC that has offices around Asia.

When the border opened, he told me that he was flying to the Bangkok offices to do some work, initially I just nod my head and said ok as it was his income and I could not say no. But deep down, I am wary of men that visit Thailand.


After he flew to Bangkok he was still contactable and he would video called me after he reaches the hotel. There were one or two nights he was drunk and said that he is treating his Thailand co-workers for a drink and did not call me.

Now I know that the “drunk” is probably a lie, after 3 nights. He told me that, he is taking the opportunity to visit Chiang Mai since he is in Thailand.

He soon went MIA after he touch down in Chiang Mai. His last message to me was “Dear, I reached CNX”.

The MIA continued on for 3 more days and I started to get worried and I expected the worse, I did not tell my friends about it as I know that this will turn out as nothing but an embarrassment for both my husband and me.

Telling friends won’t change the fact that he has gone MIA, friends would most likely put worse thoughts in my mind. I kept quiet and continued to wait, hoping that it might be an accident or his phone got stolen or something.


He finally replied to me on the 4 nights later and said that he is boarding the plane now to return to Singapore via Scoot airlines.

When he was finally home, I asked him why did not reply or call me for that 72 hours. He sat down at the sofa, drank his beer and ignored me.

I finally raise my voice and shouted at him. The words that came out of his mouth was:

“I’m visiting a law firm tomorrow, let’s not waste time”

Deep down I know that I have not been the best wife but I have never cheated on him. He finally gave in and said that he met his “true love” in Bangkok who is his colleague from the Bangkok office. He went to Chiang Mai for a short holiday with the girl he met and said that he wants to be with her.

I agreed to the divorce as I could not accept anyone who is cheating on me.

I am very lost right now, what should I do next, I took a week-long leave and I am currently alone in Johor now for a short get away from him and work.

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