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Why don’t you use food delivery?


To those that don’t use food delivery platforms. May I ask why?

Here’s mine :
markup prices
huge delivery fee
small order fee if didn’t hit minimum order amount
cannot order from many stores

Edit : I do use them, but those are the reasons why I’m not using them as often as I would like.

Netizens’ comments

  • Chicken rice is a $4-6 affair. Not a $10-20 one.
  • Initially, all the platforms was very generous in giving coupons and then once they were adopted. The coupon discount decreased.
    But I still use foodpanda and even bought their subscription. Since we only cook on two days, I realized on a long term, I’ll still save money as compared to buying directly from restaurants. I think I have already broke even within 2 months (if I were to compare not purchasing the sub and just buying directly) cause some restaurants didn’t mark up and put their price the same. Some restaurants are also cheaper even if they marked up.
    this is all self pick up discounts
  • Because I myself do food delivery on and off. I feel stupid whenever i use it because its like paying someone to do my job kinda vibes lol.
  • I cook most of my own meals and I’m lucky to live close enough to hawker stalls I enjoy eating from for the rest.
    I also take fast food less than five times a year and ‘atas’ food taste better when eaten in-house, plus restaurants get royally screwed by food delivery services in terms of fees.
  • Hidden and multiple tiers of extra fees
  1. The listed price in food delivery apps are already ~20% markup on top of dine in prices (Hidden fee)
  2. Then add additional fees like service fee, small order fees
  3. Want your food deliver in a reasonable time? better add in priority delivery fees
  4. Did i miss any additional fees
  • I use food delivery platforms, regularly at that. But I don’t use it for deliveries. Actually i use foodpanda’s pickup regularly. I have pandapro annual and my current subscription cost me monthly $2? Pretty much a single koi pickup ard 20$ I’ll save that much alr. Sometimes might be able to slot in a pickup coupon.
    I mostly use foodpanda for pickups, especially BBT purchases for my family. 1-2 purchases a mth covers the subscription fee and some savings. Although it’s a way to get me to spend but since my family do drink BBT regularly so lol.
    But other than that, I don’t use it mainly for deliveries because:
  1. Markup. The markup and delivery fees doesn’t make it worth to order even if you hit the min amt for voucher usage u r still spending more just for being lazy to gtfo and buy your own food.
  2. There’s always that risk of your food delivery going haywire thus the trouble that comes with it. Thus i prefer pickup which allows me to do my own checks.
  3. It cultivates bad habits. Ohwell, just buibui habits. Hahaha.
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