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I found out that My (28M) Daughter (5F) is also my Sister.


As the title suggests I have recently discovered that my daughter is actually my half-sister. My wife and I got married about four years ago after the birth of our daughter.

We both assumed she was mine even though we weren’t exclusively dating the year prior. We met and became a FWB situation neither one of us wanting anything serious at the time.

I had partners besides her and visa versa, it wasn’t a secret to either of us. When she became pregnant she told me she couldn’t have a FWB situation anymore because she needed stability for her child.

She gave me an out to leave and never look back but I didn’t want that. I’d slowly fallen in love with her as time passed and knew that whatever her life turned into I wanted to be a part of it.


I didn’t ask for genetic testing because why ask a question if you don’t want to know the answer? I raised her and so I was her father, genetics didn’t matter to me.

We moved in together, my name is on her birth certificate, we got married and have been living very happily since.

About half a year ago I met one of her ex FWB. I was out with my daughter and wife when we ran into him at the grocery.

He was nice, and very polite to us but as soon as he saw our daughter he got this shell-shocked look on his face. He asked how old she was which quickly turned into a question of paternity but not blatantly enough that our daughter caught wind of it.

Over the next few days him and my wife texted about doing a genetic test, if she was his he wanted to be in her life as he had a bum dad and didn’t want to follow in his footsteps.


We did the test not just with his sample but mine as well. He wasn’t the father and was disappointed but wished us the best, it ended that situation on a good note.

However, I’m not the father either – my dad is.

I don’t have a good relationship with my dad because of some previous history so my wife’s never met my side of the family, any of them.

I showed her pictures of my family after the shock of the initial results came back and she pointed out my dad. During her FWB time she had connected with my dad over a dating site but had only met up with him a handful of times before they’d cut it off.

My wife apologized but I told her she has nothing to apologize for. I knew this could be a possible outcome that I wasn’t the father, though I didn’t think I’d be related to the father.

She asked if I wanted to tell my dad or not and I don’t think I will. He wasn’t a good dad to me and I can change that cycle. There’s no one I can really tell about this whole situation but I needed to get it off my chest one way or another.

I love my wife and I love my daughter. Our life won’t change because of this it’s just something that keeps sitting with me.

I’ve considered maybe seeing someone so I can work through all these weird thoughts in my head. I’m not sure how I feel, though I’m mostly relieved it wasn’t her ex FWBs child because I don’t want to share my family.

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