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Not me personally but one of my dads friends. Guy got divorced at 50 ( his long-suffering wife was finally sick of his years of cheating and neglect and being an a**hole and once the kids were off to uni she peaced out ).

They sold their house split the property and he had a tidy sum of money and he bought a nice little bachelor pad (condo) and a new car with no loans. Back out in the dating world, I guess it wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. He was older, fatter, and an alcoholic. None of the single women his own age would have anything to do with him, and younger women were only interested if he paid for the party and gave them presents. None of them would stick around for long.

About a year and a half after he got divorced he decided he wanted to find a wife again. He (like many older unattractive men with a bit of money ), turned to the Internet and started looking at those dating sites advertising hot young Asian/Russian women.

He took a trip to the Philippines to meet some young women he met online through one of these sites. His goal was to meet as many women as possible when he was there and come back with the bride. He found one. She was 24, quiet, cute, and hung all over him like a wet shirt. He was in heaven but as usual always

I remember my dad talking about it and shaking his head and trying to talk some sense into him. He was convinced this girl truly loved him and was 100% sure that the women not as superficial “.

But soon after the marriage, she convinces the man to take up a loan to get an even bigger house, even after some struggle stating that he is old and not working and will have a hard time paying for the loan, she somehow managed to convince him to support her ideas. Now he has a wife and loan to feed.

After marrying a foreign bride and getting citizenship for her is not a short process it takes between 2 to 5 years for this to happen. About a year after the marriage she has a baby. My dad’s friend didn’t really want to have more children, but it was kind of part of the deal to get this girl to marry him since she was young and wanted a family.

Literally, the minute she got her immigrant status she took the child and left him. She took half of what they had ( including the condo he had purchased after his first divorce ) and now gets child support and alimony ( it’s very hard to get alimony but because she did not speak the language and was a stay at home wife and mother at his insistence she was able to get it ). Somehow his legal defense permitted it.

He was played from day 1. He was stupid, now he is a s**t ton of debts as he needed to buy another place and he is up to his neck on loans for his new property, the worse part is he is paying for the loan of a new home that he is not staying in.

He wanted to believe the fairytale. His young bride is now married to a man her own age and they have a child together as well and seem pretty happy (of course they are happy, no loans and free home). He gets to see his son on the regular but he’s getting really old now and his child is 12 and he just can’t keep up with him. It’s sad to see. The children from his first marriage are all pursuing their lives and Have families of their own and still hold bitterness for how he was as they were growing up and how he treated their mother.

So yes the bride was a Golddigger , But honestly he got exactly what he deserved.