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Source: Daniar Gatsby

A man posted on his Facebook about what he had been through in the quarantine he claims that till today he is still in quarantine.

Here is his story:

This is gonna be a slightly long post but really no choice, I think I have to rant online to maybe have some effect. Please help me share this post everyone, you might not know which of your family or friends might get served Quarantine Orders without knowing why exactly!

Some of you might know, I’m actually serving my Quarantine Order in a hotel right now. I believe I am actually stuck here longer than I should. So here is what happened.

On 14th July, I got an SMS from MOH that I was exposed to a positive covid case on 5th July and to monitor my health and etc for the next 14 days.I was with a friend and he got the same SMS.


16th July around 9 pm, both of us got the SMS and phone call that we are being served the QO till 19th. This means 5th July + 14 days = 19th July which is correct.

So the first thing that happened is, instead of being pulled to the quarantine facility immediately, I only got picked up by CISCO on 17th night.

17th July evening – got another SMS stating that this time, my QO is from 16th – 25th July instead! My friend did not get this SMS. Called CISCO side to check, they say system not updated my date shown is still 19th. Hotel side also told me the booking for me is till 19th July.

17th July @ 11pm, CISCO finally comes and fetch me, more than 24 hours after I received my QO!

18th July afternoon, I called CISCO again, they said system now showing 25th July, but they couldn’t give me a reason why is it that my QO is extended till 25th! They said they will call MOH to check and get back to me, which until now, nobody has gotten back to me yet!

19th July – my friend proceeds to check out and I’m still stuck in the hotel with no answer why my QO is till 25th.

20th July – Pissed with CISCO, I decided to call the MOH Covid Emergency Hotline, chose the option for “Persons currently serving Quarantine Order”, guess what? After speaking to the guy for more than 10 minutes, he told me he cannot do anything as it is just an enquiry hotline!!! Hello this is MOH leh!! If even the ENQUIRY HOTLINE cannot answer my ENQUIRY, then who can?!?!?!

He told me to call CISCO instead who is the Quarantine Agent! I call CISCO, CISCO say check with MOH! I ask MOH, MOH say check with CISCO!! You all playing taichi with me??? NCID, which falls under MOH is the authority issuing the QO, why are your guys asking me to find CISCO instead???

Super pissed off!! Proceeded to email the Minister of Health and loads of other people, and they directed my email to MOH’s Quality Service Manager. The person asked for my details and till now, after nearly 48 hours, still no updates from them!

22nd July – Called MOH’s hotline again and all I do is getting a voicemail asking me to leave my number and they will call me back. Once again, the waiting game…

How is it that two persons, exposed to the same risk at the same place at the same time, be served two different quarantine orders???? I’m serving QO, not a jail sentence! When imprisoned, even the prison wardens can answer my queries very quickly if I ask about my release date, but MOH just takes their own sweet time and plans to keep me here all the way till 25th?

Are there any more people out there like me who are serving the QO without daring to question why? Until now, nobody can answer me why am I serving QO till 25th when my TraceTogether doesn’t show any possible exposure on 11th July!!

HELLO Ministry of Health, Singapore Ong Ye Kung, you’re not the one getting stuck in a hotel room with crap food, 3 small bottles of water daily and bad wifi, while knowing your F&B business is facing P2HA again without you around physically around to help out!