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You are fine. SG average is around 11cm only, so it is just 1 inch below average. Not that bad lah. I am here to give you an anecdotal experience as a previously small D dude, so you don’t need the stress.


For my first girlfriend, around 56kg at 1.68m, when I lost my V card to her, I was so excited that my hands were actually shaking sia. Then, I put on the rubber, and slipped myself into her. Just like that, it was so easy. Here comes the kicker, she actually asked me, if it was in.

I felt so paiseh, that I pretended that I have not entered yet, and tried to do it again more obviously. And that was when I realised I was in trouble. Apart from a very very very minute amount of pressure, I could not feel much besides the heat when I was inside. It was not the heavenly sensation that I thought S was supposed to be. Our first intimate encounter ended up with her crying, and me holding her because I could not get off; she had felt terrible about her inability, and was under the impression that men would get off very easily.

During one of our conversations, she told me that her ex was bigger, and it was another blow to my already destroyed ego. Throughout our relationship, I was almost always the one who could not keep my hands off her, but when go time came, neither party would be able to get off. I remembered thinking to myself, why people were, even so, obsessed with S, if all it amounted to was just an awkward tandem exercise session.

Considering how we were going at it for literal hours (I was 17, then), it is truly one of life’s greatest mysteries that I only ever got off with her once. I wanted it all the time, but just could not getoff.


At that point in time, S was just a bad memory, and I felt unconfident because of my below-average D size.

Along comes my 2nd girlfriend, weighing in at 48kg at a height of 1.58m. The first time we had intimacy, I could not fit my whole length into her.

Think about just how much cognitive dissonance I had in that moment, from throwing a hot dog down a hall way, to feeling like I was trying to jam a cucumber up a PET bottle. It was so tight that it was uncomfortable for both parties, and it actually hurt to try.

We failed on our first attempt, and since it was a staycay, tried again the next morning. Cue the fireworks explosion scene when Raimi from Ratatouille offered his rat friend a marvellous new taste.

S IS great, afterall. Throughout our time, it would always hurt or feel a little uncomfortable when we first slipped it in, and it would take time for her to accommodate, but it would almost always be incredibly enjoyable for both parties. In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she wanted it more than I could give. 5 minutes after finishing, panting and lying in sweat, she will start feeling me up all over again. It got to the point that I dreaded it, and wished that we had less.


At that point in time, S had gone from a bad memory to a good one, but it was starting to turn bad as well. One good thing was that she did make me feel amazing about my size. The size was still an issue, but in the opposite manner.

The point that I am trying to bring across to you is that size is really just down to a compatibility issue. Size does matter, ngl, but so long as its not 1cm is fine lah. 8cm is definitely workable. Hardness, endurance and all that is what you can realistically work on. You can forget about enhancement products or surgery, where a lot of it is just bro-science and you run the risk of disaster. Just workout regularly, eat healthy, and you will be better than like 90% of the unfit pot-bellied men.

Because you asked, I am almost 1cm when cold, super small, and my height is around 1.8m. Chin up, you are at the optimal preferred height already fyi, which can land you alot more partners than if you had a 20cm schlong, and 1.5m height. I know people who would not mind trading their d length for their height at a ratio of 1:1, so, you got that going for you at least. And you are on your 3rd girlfriend, whilst many guys still at 0!

It is summer now. SUN’S OUT, GUNS OUT!

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