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A man shared his story of how he was persuaded by his schoolmate to join an MLM investment scheme and eventually lost $1,300.

Here is the story

“I will always remember this a*shole named H who made me lose all my savings while working part time to this MLM investment scheme he psycho-ed me to join.

H was from the same class as me back in Poly, and was literally a good for nothing, playing truant and always being late for classes.

I was job hunting one day after graduation before waiting for Army, and H came to know about it.

He texted me over whats app talking about this business and investment opportunity that he chanced upon and would like to share with me on what his investment was.

I agreed to meet up with him in town where his investment office was.

He was 20 minutes late, and apologised to me profusely saying that he had been busy the whole day having meetings with potential investment partners as well as his investment company boss.

He took me up to his investment office located at Marina Bay Financial Centre, and thats where I got bought in by his business and investment talks.

His boss and himself took turns to share with me about the investment company, the products they invested on as well as future investment opportunities to expand their current businesses.

After going on and on, they took out a pen and a paper and presented some egg and chicken story leading to traditional investments and modern day investments.

They added icings to the cake, and told me that I was suitable to be an investment partner and praised me for qualities which I didn’t even know I have, before asking me to join their company which I had to pay $1,300 to join.

They said that this $1,300 is an investment and a commitment to being their affiliate and investment cum business partner, as well as an investment to hold a few of their products for our future business.

Looking at the type of lifestyle they have and the fact that they were located at one of the poshest place in Marina Bay, I got tempted by greed and agreed to join them.

They had a training for new affiliates on the following day, and when asked about when can we start our investment proper and make money from the products that the company carried, we were told that we first have to bring in 6 new affiliates under our wing before we can start our business proper.

They then started teaching us on how to prospect for new investment partners to join us and the tactics to use.

Some of the tactics used rung a bell immediately. It was what that a*shole H used to cheat me to come down to meet him, and the talk that they gave me to convince me to join.

I googled a few of the investment bosses and superiors name, and almost all of them came up on the search page under MLM and there were a few stories of similar cases to mine!

Eventually, I left the company as I could not bring myself to go to that level and I will rather forgo the $1,300 and earn it back again instead of scamming my friends to become victims of this whole ‘investment’ scheme.”

Image source: unsplash.com