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I have an older sister 26 Y.O. Last year she miscarried. I don’t even know how many miscarriages she’s had, but she had 2 successful pregnancies.


1 that resulted in my 6-year-old niece and one that resulted in my 3-year-old nephew who died of heart failure 5 years ago due to complications during her pregnancy.

During my sister’s miscarriage, my wife was 1 month pregnant. All of my wife’s pregnancy she had to avoid any family gatherings because if my sister was there, she’d start crying and screaming about how heartless my wife was for rubbing it in her face.

My wife never really cared that much because she told me she didn’t wanna hurt my sister. It annoyed me because me and my wife weren’t even able to speak about the pregnancy, nor were our family members. We weren’t allowed to have a gender reveal or baby shower because when she found out we were planning to she called me screaming at me for having no consideration for her, and she told me she’d never let me see my niece again if I even dared to have one.

This was our first child, Of course, we were upset but didn’t say anything. When it got too much for me was when my wife had asked my mom to be with her in the delivery room as her own mom couldn’t travel because of covid restrictions, she asked when we were over at my parent’s house and the only other people there were my brother and his wife. His wife ended up telling my sister, and she freaked out.


It turned into her telling my mother that she had no care in the world for her loss grand baby and since she didn’t care she should never see my niece again.

Then it turned to asking me how I could do this to her. Then it turned into calling my wife an attention-seeking whore. I ended up not talking to her for months because of that one. My mother was in the delivery room anyways, but she had to tell my sister she hadn’t been, everyone else knows except my sister.

My son turned 6 months recently. My wife decided to do a mini photoshoot with him in a giraffe costume and she sent it to my aunt, who in turn posted it on her FB account.

My sister hadn’t met my son until this point either because she refused to. When she saw that me and my wife were tagged, she called me telling me that I knew she had a miscarriage and that I was flaunting the fact that I had a healthy son.

She started laughing on the phone telling me that either way her son would’ve probably been 10X cuter than that b slur me and my wife have (my wife is a foreigner)At this point I got fed up and told her that her miscarriage was more than a year ago and that I didn’t give a F and that she should go somewhere else to get a pity party.


My mom and dad called me yelling at me and asking what I had done because my sister had called them wailing. I explained it to them and they’re still upset at me telling me I should’ve said something nicer and tried to get her to calm down.

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