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A woman created a post online and wanted her moral compass checked by netizens, she said that her husband is not giving her any “exercise” and she has been seeking it from elsewhere.


She then seeks the advise of netizens only to get blasted by a hail of negative comments.

Here is the story:

Is having a FWB wrong?

My husband and I do not have S. I have a friend with benefit (FWB) and my husband doesn’t know. Is that wrong?

I’ve approached my husband countless times to have S or make out, but he doesn’t seem interested. When I ask him if anything is wrong with our marriage, his reply is always the same – that we are doing ok, but that we are too busy and tired to have time for intimacy.


As for the FWB; he is also married and we both have no intention of divorcing our spouse.

Is S outside of this marriage wrong?

Here are what netizens think:

  • If you think…FWB is not wrong to fulfill your needs, you can honestly tell your husband, isn’t it?If anything has to be kept secret or done in hidden, then it might not be right. Your consciousness knows it well but your heart tries to deny it.Please talk seriously with your husband that you still need intimacy with him. Tell him, making love is important to you. If he is unable bec of physical problem, then consult doctors. If it is bec of busy schedule, it is an excuse to me. You hv to work it out. Take care
  • My husband says, “must as well divorce, and you can do whatever you want, stay together with your spouse for what?”For me, so long you are using your needs with the other person, be it your husband unable to fulfill, that is cheating!Why not you ask yourself, is that wrong when your husband does the same like you, and was it wrong?You and your that FWB both are joker. Do not stay and remain marry if can’t understand the meaning stay Faithful and loyal.
  • I felt it’s not that u dunno if it is wrong , you are just trying to find people to approve of your doing .
  • Your partner deserves to know the truth. Have a talk. Unless your partner is ok with open relationship. I don’t think it’s correct to be fking around behind his back.
  • Don’t ask your husband if anything is wrong. TELL your husband something IS wrong with your marriage because of what you need and he isn’t giving you. Does he have a medical issue, is he not interested coz he has someone else, is he really THAT tired, does he not love you anymore? There must be a reason and you need to dig until you find out. If he doesn’t want to communicate then you have to make a choice on whether this is how you want to keep going or maybe end the relationship. Cheating never ends well and how would you feel if the roles are reverse …would you tell your husband it’s ok to cheat on you if you no longer want to have sex with him? Think of the other wife.
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