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Uncertain plans for the future


Hi guys, I am a 24M in NUS psychology. As a guy who is rather soft and emotional due to experiencing much setbacks, dramas that are forced upon me, I am more of a person who prefers a slow pace of life. I believed being happy is the most important thing in life and while I do not need to be extremely rich, being poor is a no-no. However, I am easily swayed by what others say about my decision.

When I told some of my friends how I planned to move to Malaysia after working full time until I am 30 once I complete my studies in 2 years (considering I currently already have 100KSGD that I saved up over part time jobs ever since my O level days and investing in shares), they commented how unambitious I am.

Thus I am really uncertain. Is it wrong to want a simple, peaceful, slower pace of life? I worked part time and studied for close to 10 years just in hopes to reach my goal faster, while everyone just brush me off as incompetent.

TL:DR I know people in the comments will be commenting my current balance isn’t enough to migrate to Malaysia , thus I mentioned migrating when I am 30. Which will be about 6 years of full time working after I finished my degree in 2 years time (I will be 24 by then). I think I can afford a car and terrace house in Malaysia by then?


My apologies for the lowkey flexing of my balance, as I am very proud of myself considering my parents did not contribute any $$$

Here are what netizens think:

  • JB and KL pricing is catching up with Singapore. Go somewhere far away. I’m in Sungai Petani, Kedah for business stuff. Close to cheap farming commodities and also close enough to Penang if you need the city life.
  • Just do whatever makes u happy. Its ur life, u decide. U tell them ure moving out they not happy. Even if u stay here i bet they also unhappy. Dont know what they want from u also
  • You’ll need a visa to work in Malaysia but yes Malaysia is definitely a good pace of life. You can look into building up some kind of remote job which isn’t dependent on where you live, and make US dollars or euros while spending RM for maximum benefit
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