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Facebook user Jun Xu shared how he brought his father to a Japanese restaurant for a meal and the seafood that was served was allegedly still frozen and hard.


Here is what he said

My experience at *restaurant name redacted*. I won’t discourage anyone from

Going but after listening to my personal experience you all can decide if it’s worth visiting there.

Firstly- I was bringing my 80 year old father there to eat as he likes to eat outside. I never had time for him for a long time and I was thinking of giving him a good meal since he didn’t get to celebrate his birthday in may.

1. After arriving at the restaurant- we ordered the premium set after being told that the seafood is fresh and of premium grade even the meat. We went ahead to order the premium set for both of us.


2. However when the food arrive, the seafood was frozen and tasted so terrible. The salmon was hard like a rock, really hard like a rock, and the mussels tasted like they were kept in the freezer for weeks. It was so bitter and has a terrible smell. Worst of all fish was my father favourite and he was so disappointed with how the fish is and so hard. We ended up finishing our meal in less than 25 mins which is not even half an hour. We didn’t eat much even.

3. Worst of all when I went to pay at the counter than I was told “ THE RESTAURANT DOESNT ACCEPT CASH” this is the first time I see that a restaurant doesn’t accept cash at all. Let me remind that under the law, CASH IS STILL LEGAL TENDERED and I reserve every legal right to put this matter to MAS to look into.

Worst of all the manager pointed to a sign, the sign is as small as a ant on the cashier top, when I walked in it was no where to be seen that they don’t accept cash. I felt so humiliated !! I was like a beggar trying to find ways to pay in cash and it’s not as if I have no money! In the end the manager accepted my cash and she paid using her card however it’s really ridiculous because as far as I know as a legal tender this restaurant has failed to even show prominent signs and I mean clear signs of this rule before diners start their meal! Accept for the small miserable sign at the cashier top.

Everyone, pls… read and think twice about my experience when considering to head down. The choice is yours.. for legal reasons this is my own personal experience….

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