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I’ve been in banking for 1 year now and I’ve been put in a weird position.


I am a teller and a few months ago I applied for the branch supervisor position. Our branch officer left and I was the only person working at my branch I’ve learned how to do alot of things myself.

We had a branch that was closed for renovation so the staff there would come to help me. I now have a branch manager after 3 months and he wants to interview me. I think I’ve already been doing most of what the branch supervisor already does but I’ve never had any formal training.

What do branch supervisors do at your branches?

I want to get a better idea and my branch officer didn’t have a branch supervisor at his last bank so he’s not quite sure what role they play at my bank. He seems really nice! I once asked my regional manager and he sent me a 5 page packet on what they do and it sounded like things I have already been doing like I’ve done all the audits every month and submitted the packets, I order the cash, and I make sure to order things like slips and supplies for the branch.

I’ve been maintaining the teller line myself and I’m really confident in my knowledge on policies and procedures since I had a pretty hectic few months.


What else does a branch supervisor do? What does yours do?

Here are what netizens think:

  • Operations: Supervisors know the operational process for most transactions, and know the policies pretty thoroughly. What can we do? What can we not do? Etc.

Audit stuff: they know what branch auditors are looking for. They know what to ensure is completed properly and how to fix what is not.

Multi-role: they can open accounts, run teller drawers, do overrides and approvals, open and close.

Authoritative: they are a figure of authority in the frontline. When there is an upset client they can step in and handle the situation if necessary.

Edit: Best of luck to you on this. In the interview be friendly, fun, polite, and factual. Have specific examples of situations where you acted as a supervisor and discuss the outcomes of your actions.

  • Our branch managers basically go out and try to bring in business, deal with complaints, and fill in gaps when retail is short. Obviously this will probably be different at each financial institution.
  • I think the Branch Supervisor is a fancy title for Teller Supervisor/Lead based on the duties OP mentioned. That and they mentioned they would be under the current Branch Manager.
  • If you are doing the duties already then start getting the pay for it OP. Take the role if you wish to continue doing it all.
  • I feel this so much. It drives me crazy how every person is underutilized. Branch managers can’t get ahead on anything so they’re stuck toiling in maintenance and teller work. Bankers can’t get off the teller line and are stuck resolving BS, printing statements, and teller work. Tellers can’t find the time to improve to lighten the load on others/get promoted because theres only one teller now and they’ll never catch up.
  • I just can’t imagine this is financially better for banks than having an extra person everywhere and allowing the branch manager to meet local businesses and get ahead of the competition or let the bankers get calls in to bring in more money or let the tellers get comfortable so you can promote from within.
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