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Sunday, March 26, 2023


A Malaysian man in Kuala Lumpur made the headlines in Malaysia after sharing his monthly expenses of about RM11,159.90 (or SGD $3,365.56), according to Sin Chew Daily.


He listed down all his expenditures for each month and tabulated the total for the year, and one thing that catches the eye is the RM200 (or SGD $60) that he gives his parents every month.

His monthly expenses is about RM11,000 for a myriad of things, with his yearly expenses being RM133,918.80 (or SGD $40,386.12)

The man didn’t reveal his salary, but it is believed to be in the 5-figure region, and netizens have not taken kindly to him giving his parents only $60.

Netizens’ comments

  1. Touch your heart, is that enough for your parents .That’s less than 100sg.You don’t spring frm the rocks ,but blood and sweats nine to ten mths inside the tummy feeding you..gave some thoughts the mother suffering carrying you than to tis world. Dont be too stingy to your parents….
  2. What he does with his money is his business but at least he does support his parents financially no matter how miniscule the amount is.
  3. My friend once say, if give birth to a child and expect them to take care of us when we are old might as well in the 1st place don’t give birth.
    If we raise the kid well, and they want to take care of us when we are old and frail that’s a bonus if not life still goes on.
  4. His parents worked hard and save, so that they can send him to school, clothed him, fed him and brought him up, but he only cared for himself and his family, and only gave them RM200 a month.😲 He forgot they are old already, who is caring and feeding them, if they are not working? He will face the same, as his children will treat him, just the same treatment, he gave to his aging parents.
  5. Why is he setting aside for wedding fund when he is paying for baby expenses? Did he borrow to get married and now paying back . I notice quite a lot of big tickets expenses are payment by instalment . Can we assume that once all these cleared he has more money in his hands to spent ?
  6. Many details is left out here, we have no idea what kind of situation he is in there, so why judge sia. Im also a sole breadwinner, so I guess I can understand his situation.
    What we can learn here, is that he seems ot know how to manage his finance well (if he put up his own monthly budget). And with thatp crunching, he can still support his parent, it’s already amazing even if it’s a little.
    And on the other side, I reckon that us as parents should not put the burden forward go our kids and plan for our own retirement. Filial piety is important, but as parents, we wouldn’t want our kids to suffer because of us too.
  7. Baby expenses so high meh? How many babies are there? What milk are they drinking? Or is this just the first month where they have to buy clothing, baby chair and car seat, baby trolley etc. Wedding fund or wedding debt installments? Looks like a lot of installments too? Are the parents staying with him?
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