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I met my sec school crush…


Usually, I don’t take the MRT to work as I drive to send my kids to school but it was a special day cos I’ve sent my car for servicing. And it is as though God had intended it, my chanced upon my sec school crush in the same train.

The last time I met her was 24 yrs ago in school. She is sweet and demure and I’m always mesmerise by her smiles and cheerful yet soft spoken personality. I will never forget that lovey dovey feeling. When my frens told me she also had a crush on me and I was elated!

But alas. I was young as stupid then. I always liked her to be my girl. But I couldn’t muster the courage to confess to her. My social skills was weak and I’m rather reserved. Sec 3 and Sec 4 moved past quickly and we’ve lost contact. I would occasionally think of her at times and would sigh over the missed opportunity. That was my greatest teenage regret.

24yrs later, she had definately changed as I did too. She is abit chubbier now but more well groomed. she seemed more mature now with her office clothes but she still looks great!


I move ahead to greet her. She was initially stunted, as I was, but composed herself. She knew who I am without introduction! Her eyes and the way she smile are exactly how I remembered. Inside me I wanted to burst out and hug her.

I asked her how is she doing and if she worked around here? She told me her office is 3 stops away. The next 5 mins were all the usual catching up all these years. I found out she is happily married for 12 years and had 3 kids, the oldest already in primary 3. For that I felt glad and relief that she is doing good. Likewise, I shared that I’m married too with kids, which she joked that maybe we can share parenting tips.

We exchanged phone numbers. As her station is reaching. I can’t help but to feel sadness. Inside me, I wanted to be with her longer, I wanted to ask if I confessed 24 years ago will she accept? I have so much to tell her, to ask her and to share with her.

She said “I’m glad we met. Let’s catch up again one of these days!” As she waved goodbye and alight. Outside the train, she looked towards me and gestured me to call, I replied with a thumb up. I might be overly sensitive but I thought I saw her wiping her eyes, like as if there were tears. My heart broke for a 2nd time, and I might have broken her heart again that day too.

As for the call or catch up… it never happen. No calls, no whatsapp or texts since we met 3 months ago. I did spy on her profile pics and see her family pic. Her kids are cute and nice and her hubby looks great for her. No need to add additional emotions to her.


Yes, she is my crush, but I’m also happily married with two wonderful kids. She belongs to a different era of my life and will stay as such. I can only reminisce the teenage years when looking, talking and being with her in school brought me to good feelings.

Thank you for being the shining star of my teenage year. Glad you found happiness. Fate had me met you and alas we may not be together, I’m still glad I knew you.

Here are what netizens think:

  • If you had met her 24 years ago maybe u all already divorced.
  • Bro, u married don’t think too much.
  • Every one also young before.
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