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In recent months, the corruption probe into Transport Minister S. Iswaran has become a cause for concern, creating ripples that extend beyond the political landscape.


National Development Minister Desmond Lee, who oversees the Boon Lay ward in West Coast GRC, has described this development as “very worrying” and emphasized its notable impact on the constituency, according to The Straits Times.

However, amidst the shadows cast by the probe, MPs in West Coast GRC are resolute in their commitment to engage residents and address pressing issues.

The Corruption Probe

On July 11, 2023, S. Iswaran was arrested by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) in connection with an ongoing investigation.

Notably, the details of the investigation remain undisclosed, creating a sense of mystery around the situation. The minister has been placed on leave of absence, with a reduction in his monthly pay, while still retaining his MP allowance.


Impact on West Coast GRC

Desmond Lee, when questioned about the incident, admitted that it had left a significant impact on West Coast GRC. The exact nature of this impact was not explicitly stated, leaving room for speculation.

Despite the challenges, Lee emphasized the cohesion of the GRC team, highlighting their ability to stay focused on serving residents and avoiding disruptions to service continuity.

As the corruption probe unfolds, S. Iswaran remains on leave of absence, with his monthly pay reduced. However, he is continuing to draw his reduced MP allowance of $8,500 per month.

Contrary to the potential distractions posed by the probe, MPs in West Coast GRC remain dedicated to their mission of serving residents.

Desmond Lee stressed the importance of ensuring that residents have continued access to assistance and support, deflecting any disruptive trends.


Leadership Handover and Singapore’s Future

Looking beyond the current situation, Desmond Lee shared insights into the upcoming leadership handover in Singapore. Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong is anticipated to lead the People’s Action Party in the next general election, with assurances from Lee that the transition will be a continuum rather than a disruptive reformation.

Lee, part of the PAP’s fourth-generation leadership team, expressed commitment to supporting the government’s policy priorities. These priorities, stemming from the Forward Singapore engagement exercise, include initiatives aimed at helping senior citizens age well.

Community Initiatives for Senior Citizens

Highlighting the community’s collaborative efforts, Lee discussed how grassroots volunteers and leaders are partnering with social service agencies to establish senior activity centres and active ageing centres. These initiatives aim to provide a supportive environment for the elderly.

In addition to community initiatives, there are ongoing efforts to upgrade infrastructure across West Coast and other estates in Singapore. This includes the installation of ramps and the creation of senior citizen corners to enhance accessibility.

Cabinet Composition and Future Leadership

Lee acknowledged that the composition of the future Cabinet will be determined by the next prime minister. However, he expressed confidence that younger ministers will continue to benefit from the wisdom and experience of their older counterparts, who possess the capability to make tough decisions for the nation’s well-being.

In a heartfelt wish, Desmond Lee expressed his desire for Singaporeans to support the leadership transition. He sees this transition as vital for the 4G team to carry the nation into the future, especially during these challenging times on a global and local scale.

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