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Cheating mum


My mum cheated on my dad ever since possibly when i was a baby.

When i was young, i remembered they were extremely close and genuinely thought they were just friends until i grew much older and realised something was amiss. My mum would put down everything even if it means an event that is something dearly to both me and my dad(e.g. a family outing) just to go out with him and leave us hanging after. I’m not close to my mum after i left the house and stayed outside as she abused and slap till i bled. Since then wasn’t really close to her but i would occasionally hear stories from my aunt or my dad about her. There was once my mum was supposed to meet my aunt, but ended up she told my aunt to postpone the meeting to later timing last min just to send the uncle to the hospital. And once she was done, she lied to my aunt saying “oh i have to send to my friend to hospital” . My dad also asked her where she was gg and she said the exact same thing.

The uncle has a family too, with all having prestigious degrees and background. I don’t get why has it be to my mum. And ever since, the uncle seems to be “in love” with my mum. Every morning will meet for jogging at waterfront, take photos and she will post on her instagram(only to delete after cause she afraid of misunderstanding). And the photos are like zero social distancing very close to each other and one photo seemed to be hugging my mum. Two weeks ago my aunt caught my mum and the uncle together in the lift because just so happen they were eating at the same coffee shop. My aunt jokingly said “orh hor u kena caught already hor…” in Chinese and my mum just ignored and didn’t say anything. They ate their meal quickly and left never even say goodbye to my aunt like normally they would. I would name all the incidents if i could have but it’s just too long. Thereafter i have been having sleepless nights thinking about this. I know this is not my problem as this is their adult issue, but this is about my dad too. My dad really treats my mum as a princess, giving in everytime, never had temper and a demure quiet kind who never seeks trouble.

My dad works as a deliveryman with only a basic salary of 700-800( i know it’s very less but he doesn’t want to leave as he stayed in the company very long) and even with commissions is only 1.3-1.4K a month but nonetheless still spoils my mum with her internet shopping and good food. The recent jacky cheung concert was also sponsored by my dad cause my mum wants to go. My mum is a well-to-do person who owns a company of her own, earning a reputable sum of money but always eats my dad money. I don’t know what to do, should I tell my dad about my mum and risk the divorce so he can be happy and i could take care of him? I’m lost…

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