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I don’t understand why some MRT commuters (especially aunties) are so inconsiderate and selfish. this has happened a few times to me and i have seen it happen to other people.


sometimes you are just leaning against the glass beside the door and minding your own business.

a random aunty will appear and lean very near to you, trying to displace you from the glass so that they can stand there.

there are variations to this tactic. some will lean against the metal pole with their back touching your arm, some will even squeeze beside you, shoulder to shoulder.

eventually, you buay tahan this close proximity and move away from the glass, then they will shamelessly and happily occupy the space they have been coveting.


it is really ridiculous, if they are indeed in need of some place to rest, they should just ask the people sitting on the reserve seat to give up their seat.

i also wonder if these aunties have a specific type of people that they choose to bully. so far i have only seen it happen to younger guys and girls that will usually just move away and let them stand. couldn’t these old people just open their mouth and say can you let me lean because i am tired etc instead of physically pushing people until they get what they want.

Here are what netizens think:

  • Most likely those aunties are generally more or less losers in life, kinda unhappy with themselves and with the world, often lonely & sort of depressed. So such selfish & bullying behaviour is common with them.Sometimes I just feel a bit pity for them and try to accommodate wherever possible. Sometimes the way they talk is kinda rude, but what to do!
  • Being uncouth bottom-feeders themselves, they already have nothing to lose. That’s why they thrive on these small “victories” against another person.You, on the other hand…Anyway, a nugget of wisdom I’ve picked up from somewhere: a smart person knows how to get out of trouble, a wise one knows how to avoid it.Do pick and choose your battles. It makes for a quieter and enjoyable ride for all.
  • My RBF sends a strong message not to come near 1m of my proximity especially during the last two years. Yup I don’t tolerate people who invade my personal space. Have told people off in public before ie the ones who are constantly at my back in queues.
  • Not just in MRT, they feel self entitled everywhere. Including cutting your queue in supermarkets etc. I hope they can just ask politely.
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