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Friday, October 7, 2022


My dad was a confirmed C+ case in Oct 2021, we managed to stop the spread at home. July 2022, my sis got it and we also managed to stop the spread at home. The sunday just passed, my mom was confirmed C+. So far, the rest of the family members are okay. I’ve been testing negative all these while so thankfully I’m the only one that hasn’t been infected.


My dad and sis have been obedient to stay isolated for the whole duration. My dad was 10 days since he was contracted when they first annouced recovery at home. Sis stayed throughout 7 days in her own room. Both were vigilant and informed us if they need to leave room to use common bathroom. Only the master bedroom has attached bathroom but no shower head. So when it comes to showering, it’s a common bathroom.

We did all the research that the infected must sanitize, air for 30 minutes before the next user. And all the routine santizing and isolating to keep the remaining household members safe for my dad and sis.

Come to my mom, she was tested positive on Sunday, 7pm at the clinic. Please correct me if I’m wrong, that your hour 1 starts when you are tested positive at the clinic or when MOH sends you the SMS. She is then isolated in the master bedroom with an attached toilet, no showerhead so we need to do the same routine as my dad. Don’t ask me why there’s no showerhead.

Since the time she has been in isolation, she has been finding excuses to leave the room – water her plants/ wash clothes/ wash utensils/ take hot water. All of which we can do for her willingly. We even cooked meals (cos grabfood is too expensive to do it frequently) and washed the clothes. So we tell her, you follow MOH’s law, isolation for 72 hours etc… she said I accuse her of breaking the law. She made a ruckus yesterday night and I was scolded by my dad because I said that’s MOH law, ok fine.


Come today, every hour she has been accusing me of being so sensitive and that I’ll get covid one day. My point is that I’m not saying I won’t get coivd, but if I can stop the spread at home, why should I risk it. I cannot put my dad at risk of reinfection since he’s already 60+.

She insists that today is day 3, but if I were to follow MOH’s message, she is only at her 40th hour.

Am I being too sensitive or should I just leave it? I’m really at my wits ends cos she has been calling relatives and friends to say I’m sensitive, I’ll get it one day, I treat her like prisoner.

To those who read it till the end, I really appreciate. I need a space to voice out all these because I just walked past her room and she’s complaining to her relatives about me AGAIN.

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