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Thursday, February 9, 2023


Thank you MyRepublic for screwing up with your own loyal customer by making us foot the bill for your own mistakes.
First of all, the e-mail from ORO redemption center was send once every two to three days “reminding” us to quickly claim the goodies (I had already received about 30+ and it was annoying as hell reading and deleting them everytime).
Ok fine, I get it already. Claimed for the items in May.
I was with MyRepublic since the beginning of their launch, but they decided only today, on 14th June to screw their customer base by demanding a recall today afternoon or default purchase at their own exorbitant marked up retail price (All of these was due their own mistake). How many would have already opened up and used the item, gift to family members, or re-sold them away already? After you acknowledged your own mistakes how could you still turn around and bite us, worse still. Scam us?
Dear MyRepublic, you have the cheek to turn-around your own mistake for profit, like cooking roti prata. Instead of being apologetic about it you have became blinded with profits turning “your own mistake” into a hard sale tactic! Nonsense.
Really shameful! Perhaps that is just one of the reason why Singapore PM was not invited to Belt and Road
“Dear Valued Customer,
The reason for our need to contact you is that we noticed and subsequently verified that an additional premium collection notification was sent to you in error. This resulted from a temporary fault in our premium redemption system which we have now corrected. However as you have redeemed both the entitled premium and the additional premium which was sent in error, you are legally obliged to return the additional premium item, Logitech Gaming Bundle /1617LZ06GVF9 / 1642MH00NWB9 / 1602MR17F579 redeemed on 04 May 2017.
We would appreciate if you can reply to this message with the date and time that you would like MyRepublic to collect the above-mentioned additional premium item.  Please note that items are required to be returned and packed in full set as per stated serial number and product.  MyRepublic will confirm the date and time of collection.  Alternatively, you may contact mobile 91805361 during office hours to make arrangement for the collection.
In the event that you wish to retain the additional premium item you may elect to do so by agreeing to purchase the item at the retail selling price of the item which will be added into your MyRepublic billing account.
Please note that a failure to make arrangements to return, or elect to purchase, the additional premium item is a serious matter and we would therefore request your confirmation before 28 June 2017.

We apologise for the inconveniences caused and thank you for the understanding and support.”



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