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I have a question with regards to my neighbour.


Their child is insane. He is 11 btw. He would take his bicycle and ram into our door. While my cat is sitting at the front gate, he’d run and slam my gate. Once every few hours, he’d slam his house door really loudly only to reopen it a few minutes later.

I have a small space outside my corridor (corner unit HDB with the stairs right next to it). The neighbours next door decided to park two of their bicycles just in front of my house. We placed a small chair outside and locked their bicycles to that chair. Sometimes they’d take the trolley from giant and have a mini-giant cart gathering just outside my house. They won’t return it till someone (my dad) tells them to. At one time there were three trolleys outside, two from giant and one from NTUC.

They also have pots of dead plants with sharp branches sticking out all along their corridors. Those who know will know that the branches are really sharp and on multiple occasions myself and some other neighbours were scratched by the branches. They also leave broken pots along the corridor which is a hazard especially if kids or elderlies were to walk by.

And recently my block underwent renovation which includes a total facelift, including the repainting of the corridor flooring. Less than two weeks later, there are already tyre skid marks all over the flooring. Apparently the only 11 year old kid took the bicycle and “drift in circles” infront of my corridor. And oh remember that parking space? Yea instead of carefully parking his bicycle he will drag the bicycle before locking it.


Talked to the parents but they’re just as stubborn and nonchalant.

They are PRs from I- so idk if it’s their culture back in their home country. All the neighbours are really friendly with one another but everyone can’t seem to tolerate this particular household but thing is no one is sounding out. Once they dried their wet saree and clothing on the railing outside the corridor and it stretches across 4 different houses. Oh and they rented one of their rooms to another I- work permit holder who smokes and dispose his cigarettes at the stairs next to my unit and a picture of that stairs was pasted all over the lift lobby for littering and smoking.

What do you think can be done? Or how have you confronted such neighbours?

Image source: Unsplash

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